Thursday, October 2, 2008

Idiots On The Left Piss Me Off Almost As Much As Idiots On The Right

The Senate passed what is by the latest version of a bail out bill tonight which of course means nothing because the House still has to pass the bill. It didn't matter at Think Progress though as soon as the bill passed the cute little kids with snot still fresh from their noses came out to play. And once again we got the call to all vote for McKinney or Nader because dammit Obama voted yes and they are all the same...

What you will get with Obama?…..Abortion still legal and no torture.

You will also get Endless wars, bailouts of wealthy, drilling, Surveillance, crap health plan, and more lies on Russia.

Hey! BIG difference between Dems and Repubs.

Shall we now call the new hybrid…McBama?

This is just one of several posts like this on this thread. Haven't we been through this before? Really I am not suggesting that this is a good bill and if you want to argue that it isn't fine. But don't feed me this both parties are the same bullshit. Not after the last 16 years.

Bill Clinton was a B- President who made more than his fair share of fuck ups in 8 years. But compared to the F- dickweed that followed him Bill Clinton should be on Mount Rushmore. Do you really think Al Gore would have us in this mess? Anybody who thinks "They're all the same" has to be about 13 years old with no real memory of what 1997 was like back when people know...working and the economy was strong.

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