Thursday, October 2, 2008

Edit On The Michigan Story

It appears Mr. McFilthy has written off Michigan. Why has he done this? so he can now win...

Maine! I shit you not...

As the campaign pulls resources from Michigan, it is ramping up its efforts in Maine, where Republican Sen. Susan Collins is beating national trends in her re-election bid, holding a healthy double-digit lead and running a strong organization in the state.

A second McCain aide said that their polling showed that "Michigan isn't even a long shot" -- but the campaign is hoping to capture at least one of Maine's four electoral votes, which are designated by congressional district. This year, "every electoral vote will count," the aide said.

Meanwhile, McCain jokingly said Thursday that Obama's poll numbers are rising as the economy seems to sink "because life isn't fair."

"He certainly did nothing for the first few days," McCain told Fox News on Thursday. "I suspended my campaign, took our ads down, came back to Washington, met with the House folks and got on the phone, and also had face-to-face meetings."

Please mr. McFilthy just do us all a favor and drop out now.


Aunty Em Ericann said...

The rain in Maine falls mainly on McCain.

By George, I think she's got it!

With all my love,
Aunty Em

Anonymous said...

Aunty How be you? missed ya.

Sergei Andropov said...

Bwah! I was in Maine back in August, and it is overwhelmingly in favor of Obama, perhaps more so even than California. Even the rich Republican retirees were planning on voting for him.

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