Friday, October 17, 2008

A Conservative 3 Way

Bill Ayers talks about the "values" he shares with Hussein Obsama:

Bill Ayers and Barack Hussein Obsama--real patriots.


Joe's question isn't important.

Hussein Obsama forgot his lines and told us all that he's a marxist in his answer. He forgot his lines. Joe gave Hussein a good bitchslapping.


Sure explains why they are loved by the anti-America ultra leftists here....

There's a new malady infecting the libtard left: JTPDS.


How's the duracells holdin' up?

Hussein Obsama totally fucked up the answer to the question. He got exposed by Joe The Fucking Plumber.

Total smackdown.

Thanks Joe.


Oh, but the libtards like to say "ayers never killed nodody" so he's a good man.


And of course they ignore the fact that Hussein is a true socialist looking to "Spread the Wealth"


And obama is STILL trying to explain what he meant. LOL!

He's just that everyday domestic terrorist who lives in Husseins neighborhood....


Why are you bitching at me sport.....I didn't name him

His Dysfunctional parents thought "Hussein" sounded swell eh?


At some point the fake cop is going to scream LET'S! FUCK! and the other two will say...OK.

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