Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 Continues...


You mean the same Biden that thinks the word "J-O-B-S" is a three letter word? eeWow_WU

Priceless eh?

McCain could not kiss Keatings ass, John Glenn beat him to it.

They are an amazing breed....


Bambi gets his advice from a finance chair that ran a Chicago financial institution into the ground with sub-prime mortgages.

How True

The morons here probably Believe the "Messiah" when he falsely claims he's going to give a "Tax cut" to 95% of all Americans (Rolls Eyes)

Interesting when damn near 50% of all Americans do not pay any federal income tax in the first place

Guess the liberals love their fuzzy math eh?


To libtards, the truth is an unfortunate fact.
That's why they rage on so.....and delete the truthful posts.

They need a place to spew their toxic waste without replies.


Is that your proof showing how the "Messiah" is going to give 95% of all Americans a tax cut champ?

They seem to be in their "element" when bitching and moaning non-stop......and at the same time slapping eah other on the back claiming to be "Intelligent"...

Downright Laughable if it were not so Sad

Hussein Obsama gave ACORN $800,000 for their notorious "get out the vote" effort. In other words, massive voter fraud.

ACORN: The vote-fraud arm of the Hussein Obsama campaign/thugocracy.

If Hussein Obsama loses, he will have his discussion with Joe the Plumber to thank. Obsama probably shouldn't have told us he is a Marxist while the cameras were on.


Whose wealth does fascist Hussein Obsama propose to "spread around"?


Sucks to be a libtard, only reading left wing blogs. sad

Oct 15 08:18 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

CINCINNATI (AP) - Close to one in every three newly registered Ohio voters will end up on court-ordered lists being sent to county election boards because they have some discrepancy in their records, an elections spokesman said Wednesday.
Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner estimated that an initial review found that about 200,000 newly registered voters reported information that did not match motor-vehicle or Social Security records, Brunner spokesman Kevin Kidder said. Some discrepancies could be as simple as a misspelling, while others could be more significant.

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati sided with the Ohio Republican Party on Tuesday and ordered Brunner to set up a system that provides those names to county elections boards. The GOP contends the information will help prevent fraud.

ACORN hard at work eh?


You may have missed it, but one of ACORN's fraudulent voters cast a ballot.


The MSM (a.k.a. Hussein Obsama's press corps) must be very worried about Joe the Plumber. Otherwise they wouldn't be working so hard to smear him.


Those of us who are actually prosperous and productive?


Actually, it's pretty damn good to be me. And that will be the case regardless of who wins in 19 days.

Now, the losers who are dependent on government largess can't say the same. Their whole livelihood depends on a Marxist getting elected.


Wrong. ACORN voter.

"The vote of Darnell Nash, one of four people subpoenaed in a Cuyahoga County probe of ACORN's voter-registration activities, was canceled and his case was turned over to local prosecutors and law enforcement." dist=hppr



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