Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Do You Spell McCain? H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E


John McCain (yes the same John McCain who is shitting his depends about people questioning his war record)is enlisting the swift boat scum to help him. (Now anybody with an IQ of more than say 20 can see through the hypocrisy of this but thankfully for McCain that leaves his followers out.

From The Story...

Ex-Swift Boaters Donate to McCain

By Fredreka Schouten,
USA Today
Posted: 2008-07-01 13:16:09

WASHINGTON (July 1) - Republican John McCain, who four years ago condemned independent ads challenging Democrat John Kerry's military record, has accepted nearly $70,000 for his presidential campaign from the top donors of the group behind the attack ads and their relatives, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

That's nearly four times the amount McCain received from those donors in the 14 years before launching his current campaign at the end of 2006, campaign finance records show.

In 2004, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (later called SwiftVets and POWS for Truth) bankrolled ads charging that Kerry had lied about the incidents in Vietnam that led to his military decorations. The group included former members of the Navy who served in the same kind of river patrol boats as Kerry. McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, called the group's advertising "dishonest and dishonorable."

McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said in an e-mail that McCain accepted the money because the donors are "interested in supporting (his) agenda of reform, prosperity and peace."

McCain has an agenda for reform prosperity and peace? That news to me.

Also The NRA (I always thought the R in NRA stood for rifle) is going to campaign for McCain.


NRA to Target Obama With Big Ad Blitz

The National Rifle Association says it will spend $15 million on a media blitz meant to cast Barack Obama, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, as a threat to Second Amendment rights. The politically powerful gun rights group is concerned that a recent Supreme Court victory may be undermined by an Obama presidency.

Seriously why are these people so upset? The supreme court has already said that it's in the constitution that they can marry their guns. These folks are spending a lot of coin. The only conclusion I can draw is that they are scared shitless.


godzilla104 said...

Well, they are so used to scaring other people, I guess its about time they got around to themselves.

screw-the-left said...

asshole godzilla wannabe:
"Well, they are so used to scaring other people, I guess its about time they got around to themselves"

To kook fringe/nutroots poeple like you that's the case.

Anonymous said...

Has this guy left one post that has made sense?

godzilla104 said...


Nope. Screw head is as incoherent a GOP apologist as they come. He's a prime example of the uneducated right wing zealot.

Oh, and Screw head? Fuck off, cocksucker.

screw-the-left said...

"Oh, and Screw head? Fuck off, cocksucker."

Gee, no thanks Godzilla-wannabe.

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