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Real Time Thoughts On The 1988 Nebraska Oklahoma Football Game.

Late Edit. There are a shitload of typos and misspellings here. But it's 4 in the morning. If you actually read this have fun picking them apart. :)

How can you have real time thoughts on a 20 year old game you ask? Well in my defense I bet it's been 10 years since I last seen it. Once upon a time I bet I watched this game 5 or 6 times a month. Some time about 1998 My VCR ate the damn tape. Any who I now have it on DVD and I can real live the only single moment of my 14th year that I want to relive. The rest of the year sucked major ass. There was some real tragedy for me that year My Brother committed suicide when I was 14 but even before that I didn't particular like my 14th year. I think much of my hatred of being 14had to deal with the hormones which were making their un-welcomed/ very welcomed way through my body and a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was never more confused than I was when I was 14. I couldn't decide if I was a kid or an adult and I wasn't sure which I wanted to be either. Mostly because I wanted to be both 10 and 18 at the same time. Now in hindsight I know to be 10 as long as you can is the way to go. Sorry George Burns No amount of money could pay me to be 18 again ever and no amount could pay me to be 14 either. When members of my family have their 14th birthdays I congratulate them and then give them my condolences.

Anyways. I know a lot of people who might read this don't care about football so when I talk about something that has nothing to do with Football it will be in bold and Red like This.

Back Story of this game...
In the old Big 8 conference there were two teams that always battled it out for the title Nebraska and Oklahoma. After Nebraska starting the decade of the 70's with two national championships Oklahoma dominated the rest of the decade only losing to Nebraska one and that was in 1978. Nebraska would lose to Missouri the next week and have to play Oklahoma again in the Orange Bowl. Oklahoma won that game 31-24 and would then win again in 79 and 80. The 1980 game was especially
stupefying for Nebraska fans. Nebraska was playing at home and was a big favorite. Nebraska lead 17-14 with 3 minutes left before J.C. Watts ( Yes that J.C. Watts) lead a last second drive and Oklahoma won the game 21-17. After that Oklahoma hit on some hard times and Nebraska had what most consider to be the best 3 year run of any team not to win a national title. Nebraska won in 81,82 and 83 against Oklahoma with only the81 game in Norman 37-14 Nebraska) being a lopsided game. The other two games were very close and went down tot he wire. After 83 Oklahoma won 4 straight games Against Nebraska including the 1987 match-up In Lincoln a game in which both teams were undefeated Nebraska ranked 1st and Oklahoma ranked 2nd. Oklahoma was with out their 1st string QB Jamelle Holloway who had broken his leg three weeks previous. Tom Osborne who normally told his team to keep their mouths shut before any game let his players mouth off for two weeks. Unfortunately the mouthed off so much they forgot to show and play the game. Oklahoma won 17-7. And the game was only that close because Oklahoma kept stopping themselves with fumbles. it would be a lesson learned. Nebraska would never again under Osborne write a check with their mouths their ass couldn't cash. In 1988 neither team was as good as they were the year before but they were both good teams. Nebraska was 10-1 their only loss coming to Troy Aikman's UCLA Bruins 41-28 on September 10th 1988. ( I always said that that was the tell tale sign of what kind of year was to come) Oklahoma was 9-1 losing to USC 23-7. Nebraska was ranked 7th and Oklahoma ranked 9th. Winner goes to the Orange Bowl to play Miami loser to the Citrus Bowl to play Clemson.

Here we go November 19th 1988. Norman Oklahoma

First Quarter...

Announcers "The White Skinned storm trooper" Brent Musburger and Pat "I played for USC but I kiss Notre Dame's ass" Hayden, The weather is lousy Temps in the 30's and rainy. Wind-chill is 9. Nebraska quarterback Steve Taylor says it's been a good year and if they beat OU it will be a great year.

Who the fuck is Rick Sanchez? Christ as much as I hate Soup Brown and Log cabin 360 this fool has them all beat on the cock sucker meter. Today this shithole talks about how Tomorrow the stocks are going to tank sending the economy is a state of panic because of the lending companies and then this cockhole says...and it's all Charles Shumers fault. You have to love that Liberal media don't you? Anyway Shumer had a great response. He said they always blame the guy who dials 911 for the emergency. Fuck CNN.

The white skin storm trooper just said to "throw another log on the fire Mama". Either he's drunk already or Hayden is his Mama.

Nebraska gets the ball first.

Ken Clark the greatest NU Running back nobody remembers.

Steve Taylor today is selling real estate in Lincoln. He looks the same today as he did then.


33 yard run by Clark. 1st down at the OU 38.

Steve Taylor just fucked up. Instead of throwing the ball away he stood back their for an hour and took a sack. bad play.

Hayden thinks it's important Nebraska scores. No shit Sherlock?

3rd and 13.

Steve Taylor completes a pass to Richard Bell for 30 yards down to the 10 yard line.

Much of Southern and Eastern Arkansas is a Tornado Watch. This copy was obviously recorded in Arkansas.

Steve Taylor runs to the one first and goal.

Steve Taylor QB sneak...late signal TOUCHDOWN!

Hayden says it was a very important drive.

Gregg Barrios makes the PAT 7-0 Nebraska

Yeah the TV station was out of Little Rock.

Oklahoma fumbles on their first play but they recover.

Another fumble and Oklahoma fucking recovers again.

Referee is Dean Cramer. A first class douchebag.

Cornell beat Penn 19-6

SACK Oklahoma goes 3 and out.

Better shelf that on Tom. The Oklahoma is too fast for that reverse shit.

Nebraska is gashing OU straight ahead. Kenny Clark just ran for 14 yards.

Taylor takes too long to throw. No penalty for grounding. Hayden shits himself.

Jake Young at Center for NU. He was killed in the AL-Qaida Indonesia Bombing.

Third and 7 and Steve Taylor scrambles for 19 yards. if NU scores here game over.

Clark with anther nice runs sets up a 3rd and 2. Clark picks it up but...penalty

Holding Nebraska fuck

3rd and 12.

Taylor throws one in the end-zone that is almost intercepted.

41 Yard field goal for NU

Gregg Barrios kicks it wide left. The White Skinned Stormtrooper keeps saying he hit that one good. it went way to the left Brent.

In the 1968 Mexico City Olympics Tommy Smith and John Carlos two American track athletes who won Gold and Bronze medals raised their first in the air during the national anthem and conservative America shit itself. The athletes were wrongly sent home and Brent Musburger long before he became a world famous drunk sports announcer was a famous drunk sports columnist for The Chicago American. In an Article in 1968 Musburger compared Smith and Carlos to Nazi's and called them Black Skinned Storm troopers. So that is why I call Musburger The White Skinned Storm Trooper.

Oklahoma's offensive lineman look like fucking hillbillies.

That's where he is scary. Charles Thompson drops back to pass and then pulls the ball down and runs for a big gain past the 50.

UH Oh Iowa State is ahead of Oklahoma State 28-21 in the Fourth Quarter and Barry Sanders only has 123 yards. Nebraska would beat Oklahoma State in 1988 63-42 in a wild game. Nebraska was ahead 42-7 and 63-28 so it wasn't really a close game and Ken Clark out rushed Barry Sanders.

OU has to punt again.

Well Barry Sanders took the first play from scrimmage after ISU's score for a 80 yard TD run. 28-28 and Sanders has over 200 yards.

Every time Nebraska has a nice play their Female cheerleaders let out a scream like they are in a slasher movie.

Taylor called his second time out but he was late and Nebraska gets a penalty instead.

Taylor completes a pass to Richard Bell for a first down and the cheerleaders let out screams of

USC 7 UCLA 3 first quarter.

That's then of the first quarter 7-0 Nebraska

Second Quarter 7-0 Nebraska

The White Skinned Storm trooper is rambling

Ok that was a shitty call from Tom Osborne. 3rd and short and the run game is working and Tom calls a pass. terrible call Tom. 4th and inched NU picks it up but another blessed flag against Nebraska. Pissing away valuable chances.

Out to punt is John "The Chocker" Kroeker. Funny thing about that is that what we called him and he played his best in big games. He could shank one though with the best of them. Good punt.

Nebraska is eating Oklahoma's offensive line for lunch. Oklahoma will have to pass.

GREAT TACKLE!!! Charles Thompson was out in the open field Tim Jackson made a great open field tackle.

I know every time Ralph posts it's a wtf post but last night he had a real head scratcher. He Posted Cybill Hearts PIAPS and then didn't expand on it. Just Cybill hearts PIAPS. He must of confused himself because today he erased it.

The White Skinned Storm trooper just slammed Kansas State.

Willie Griffith just slammed an OU back on third down. Oklahoma hasn't dune shit.

Touchdown Hart Lee Dykes ( was he worth it OSU?) for Oklahoma State 35-28 over Iowa State.

Rutgers 41 Colgate 22 Any college that is named after a toothpaste is bound to suck

4th Down and inches And Nebraska is going for it

Steve Taylor wants the crowd to shut up.

Both teams have passed it 6 times so far. 5 from Nebraska.


Nebraska had a 4th and 1. they pitch it back 8 yards and make it a 4th and 9. OK so Clark picked about 10 yards and easily got the first down.

Talking to Barry Switzers kid. They asked him why he went to Arkansas instead of Oklahoma and he said " I wanted my own identity with my Dad being at OU plus my Mom and Dad both went to school there...OK that makes sense...not)

GRRRR...Steve Taylor just threw an awful pass and it was intercepted in the end-zone. Shitty pass shitty play call and another huge
opportunity pissed away.

OU is moving the ball for the first time. The White Skinned Storm trooper just said again that it's about to snow there.

Charles Thompson sacked twice behind the line of scrimmage and the drive is over. The Nebraska cheerleaders scream like

Pat Hayden just said if Magic Johnson played football he would play QB for Oklahoma...OK.

Stanford 3 California 3.

OK Ken Clark has over a hundred yards the running game is working time to kill this drive with a pass.

Todd Millikan a Tight End for Nebraska is hurt.

Thanks. The White Skinned Storm trooper just brought up the 1987 game and the fact that NU has lost for in a row to Oklahoma.

Yup two passes in a row and the drive ends. Why Tom? Why?

4th and 1 I don't think he got it...he did get it.

Columbia won!!!!! they beat Brown 31-13

Tyreece Knox in the game.

They're talking to the douches that drive the Sooner Schooner

I Love Tom Osborne. one of the greatest football coaches of all time but his play calling in this game was strange to say the least.

Time and Time again Nebraska pisses away valuable


Watches it again.

Oklahoma hands it to the fullback in the wishbone and Willie Griffin blows past his blocker and slams him down behind the line of scrimmage. fucking sweet play. The OU fans are booing the Oklahoma offense. HAHA!

And Nebraska just threw another interception. OK That pass almost made sense they were trying to score late.

Nice run for NU and they are in scoring range for the first time at the Nebraska 34 yard line.

Notre Dame 21 Penn State 3 Final

Michigan 34 Ohio State 31 Final

USC 14 UCLA 9 Second Quarter

Oklahoma completes a pass!!! but for only a few yards.

halfback pass gets blown up. And the clock ticks down. OU tries to throw it out of bounds to stop the clock but the clock expires and OU gets NO Points hahahahahahaha!

292 yards and 4 touchdowns for Barry Sanders

7-0 Nebraska at halftime

Third Quarter Nebraska 7-0

Barry Switzer says we're getting the devil beat out of us but we're still in the game.

Says the weather has no effect on them. Steve Taylor has an effect on them not the weather.

Nebraska's defense is starting to feel it.

That's the one play OU has that has worked in this game the QB draw.

So we have a new member of the family. A big cat named DJ. He's 5. He's starting to come around and get comfortable already. He's very sociable more sociable than Victory was. at least to others. I loved the fact that Victory was so close to me and treated most other people like shit. Victory was convinced that most of humanity wasn't for shit and I think that's why we hit it off. We understood each other completely. I am glad to have Mr DJ now though. His name was actually EJ but I thought that sounded to damn much like Ervin Johnson to me so not wanting a Laker cat I changed it slightly to DJ. Dennis Johnson. A Celtic Cat. Of course it's a better name than Oswald. I always felt sorry for our little White kitty. He's cute as can be but whoever named him did him no favors. Oswald? that's cruel.

So anyway back to CNN and that ass hole Sanchez. latest polls show the Presidential race getting very tight and sanchez gets this shit eating grin on his face as he says the latest poll has Obama just 4 points ahead. And then he gets this look on his face like he's proud of himself for doing good for his Massa McCain. Fuck Rick Sanchez.

Oklahoma is on a nice little drive here to start the third quarter.

The White skinned Storm trooper reminds us AGAIN that OU has won the last 4 games. Thanks I have forgotten about it.

19 yard run by Charles Thompson puts OU inside the Nebraska 20 BUT they were called for holding.

Oklahoma is 1 for 7 on first down. Now 1 for 8.

God I wish you could hear the NU women screaming.

There's Billy Sims.

I think Billy said Ooba dooba shooba dooba But I couldn't tell

Steve Taylor is 2 for 9 48 yards and 2 Interceptions.

OH SHIT DUKE WON! That doesn't happen just every year.

Oklahoma almost intercepted that pass and ran it back for a touchdown.

GREAT PUNT by John Kroeker.

FUMBLE looks like NU has it!!!!!!

FUCK OKLAHOMA recovered again!

Shit flag. personal foul on Nebraska. Charles Fryar. Have to keep your heads boys.

The White Skinned Storm trooper thought for sure Nebraska had the ball.

Thompson fumbles again but recovers it. That's like 4 or 5 of their own Fumbles Oklahoma has recovered.

Leroy Etienne blows through and sacks Thompson. It's third and long.

And Charles Thompson just throws one up out of his ass and it's caught. Oklahoma has the ball at the Nebraska 33 Pat Hayden just Game Oklahoma the game.

Next play Oklahoma runs to the boundary and looses 4 yards...

Next play Thompson is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

On third down Charles Thompson throws another pass out of his ass but this one is Intercepted by Nebraska's Lorenzo Hicks. Good News NU has the ball. bad news they have the ball at the 2 yards line.

I guess OU doesn't have the game wrapped up.

Shit !Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Shit! Ken Clark was this close to a 98 yard run.But OU got him from behind and stripped the ball and OU has the ball back in scoring range.

OU has a first down at the Nebraska 20.

5 yard gain to the 15 yard line.

Really good defense from Nebraska forcing everything to the boundary.

How the fuck did Hayden just pronounce Etienne?

Nebraska stuffs Oklahoma on third and 2. OU elects to try a field goal and it's good.

7-3 Nebraska

it's raining harder now.

Jesus that was almost a free ball on the kickoff.

Pat Hayden just gave the game to Oklahoma again.

Ken Clark running tough.

Oh God Nebraska's band always sucks

Worst fight song ever?

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, O-K-U!
Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma, O-K-U!
I'm a Sooner born
And a Sooner bred,
And when I die
I'll be Sooner dead.
Rah, Oklahoma! Rah, Oklahoma!
Rah, Oklahoma! O-K-U!
End of the Third Quarter. 7-3 Nebraska

Fourth Quarter Nebraska 7 Oklahoma 3

Third and 2 Ken Clark gets the first down. Jamelle Holloway looks high as a kite.

The White Skin Storm trooper reminds us AGAIN that Nebraska has not beaten Oklahoma in 4 years.

First down!!! a scrambled by Taylor picks up the first down. That should have been a late hit as well.

USC 28

3rd quarter

Stanford 13
California 12

3rd quarter.

3rd and 4 and NU throws a pass??? why???

Christ what hillbillies for OU.

Another chance pissed away.

Nebraska has rushed for 251 yards Oklahoma 112 yards and yet it's only 7-3.

The best fight song ever?

There is no place like Nebraska
Dear old Nebraska U.
Where the girls are the fairest,
The boys are the squarest,
Of any old place that you knew.
There is no place like Nebraska,
Where they're all true blue,
We'll all stick together in all kinds of weather,
For dear old Nebraska U.


2 plays in a row Nebraska blows up behind the line of scrimmage. Nebraska is playing all out defense.

3rd and 19...Thompson sacked. Can you find a better defensive series than that?

Come a runnin' boys
Don't you hear that noise like the thunder in the sky
How it rolls along in a good old song
From the sons of Nebraski.
Now it's coming near with a rising cheer
That will sweep all foes away,
So with all our vim
We are bound to win and we're going to win today.

For Nebraska and the scarlet
For Nebraska and the cream,
Tho' they go thru many a battle,
Our colors still are seen.
So in contest and in vict'ry
We will wave them for the team,
And 'twill always stir a Cornhusker,
The old scarlet and the cream.

Oh shit. Baylor beat Texas 17-14. That should never happen.

Nebraska is eating up clock and keeping the ball. As I say that OU makes a stop and Nebraska must punt.

Kroeker outs it out at the 6 and the White Skinned Storm trooper says it's out at the 11.

Tell me again why we called him the Chocker?

For the 60th time we here that the rain will turn to snow.

OU gains 5 yards. Hayden says it was that close to being a long run.

Tom showing some fire! Telling his team to come on! come on!

Third and 5 and...OU is 3 yards short.

Lafeyette 52 Lehigh 45

good punt for Oklahoma and Dana Brinson runs backwards.

Christ every White OU player has a damn mullet.

OK there is about 5 minutes left and Hayden just said it's very important that Oklahoma makes a defensive stop. Do you think?

Oh fuck shit! Steve Taylor just fumbled but thankfully Nebraska recovered...Oh they called him down.

Why? Why? Nebraska calls another pass when they shouldn't have. Steve Taylor ran backwards for a month then got rid of it. Barry Switzer is having a cow for some reason. There was a receiver in the area. That wasn't grounding.

OU is throwing. That's usually a good thing for their opponents.

Broderick Thomas gets a sack.

Hayden thinks this third down could be it for OU.

the White Skinned Storm trooper just reminded us AGAIN That Nebraska hasn't won against OU in 4 years.

Oklahoma has a 31 game Big 8 win streak

3rd down... Thompson winds up...and throws one to nobody. Fourth down.

YEAH! The White Skin storm trooper doesn't think Oklahoma wants to win this game. bullshit!

Ken Clark still running tough.

time out OU

Just hold on to the ball baby.

Haydon just said on third down Oklahoma wants to force a punt. do you think?

California 19
Stanford 19

Who gets to keep the ax?

Ok this reminds me of a great line

Nebraska was stopped on 3rd and 5 now they have to punt.

Glyn Milburn is back to return the kick fro Oklahoma. After his freshmen year Milburn transfered to Stanford because of their academics which lead to one of the all time great lines. I wish I knew which columnist said it. Glyn Milburn who started his career at Oklahoma where he was branded as a witch because he could read and write.

John Kroeker got hit but OU hit the ball so no penalty but back up the field...OU fumbled the ball and Nebraska recovered and the refs missed it. This crew sucks balls.

Hayden just points out that Nebraska actually recovered the ball.

Tom is saying don't let them fuck you...OK I doubt he used the word fuck.

1:45 left

Hayden says it was the right call...he must be on crack. that or blind.

First down...Kent Wells sacks Charles Thompson again

Second Down Thompson completes a short pass The White Skinned Storm trooper says it's third a's third and 14.

Third Down... Thompson throws down field and it's incomplete. And The Nebraska women scream up a storm they have lung power I'll give them that.

Fourth down Lawrence Pete sacks Charles Thompson gets sacked he's over.

Nebraska players hugging each other and yelling "we going!"

The White Skin Storm trooper "That's not joy on that sideline that's relief.

Dana Brinson is holding an Orange he just yelled YEAH! and said hi to his Mom.

Charles Thompson broke his leg.

USC 31 UCLA 22 Final

Nebraska fans getting close to storming the field.

The golf cart is out for Thompson.

The White skinned storm trooper just said Oklahoma figured to go into next season ranked in the top 5. Uhh...

The cheerleaders yell...HEY HEY! HO! HO! Big Red In The Orange Bowl!

The camera pans to Jamelle Holloway who doesn't seem to give a shit his team lost

The Nebraska cheerleaders are singing we're not going to take it. I shit you not.

Tom takes off the head set.

Nebraska 7 Oklahoma 3. Final Score

Tom Osborne "We played hard the team played great" "we're pleased" "we're pleased" The Player of the game was Nebraska's entire defense which held Oklahoma to 112 yards.

The aftermath...

If the immediate aftermath of this game wasn't great for Nebraska ( They would lose the Orange Bowl getting thoroughly beatin by Miami 23-3) It was absolutely disastrous for Oklahoma. Charles Thompson broke his leg on their last play from scrimmage in this game. They would lose to Clemson 13-6 in the Citrus bowl. Thompson would be arrested for selling cocaine the NCAA would come down hard on Oklahoma (finally) and Barry Switzer would resign before 1989 in protest. Oklahoma would not fully recover until the year 2000 when they won a national title.

Nebraska would give up control of the big 8 for 2 years to a newcomer Colorado but would reclaim it in 1991 winning the last 5 Big 8 titles. Nebraska would play Oklahoma every year until 1998 when the scheduling of the new Big XII called for the teams to play 2 years in a row and then not play for 2 years. After this game the only time Oklahoma beat Nebraska until 2000 was a 45-10 victory in 1990. in 1989 Nebraska would beat Oklahoma 42-25. some of the games in the early 90's were close but as the decade wore on Nebraska won by scores of 37-0, 73-21, and 69-7. Still it wasn't all good for Nebraska. Despite winning at least 9 games every year they lost 7 straight bowl games until winning the national championship in 94,95 and 97.

I can remember after this game in 1988 my best friend at the time, and he is still one of my best friends, in fact we are related by marriage now, and I went to the old Breadeaux Pizza ( do those places still exist?) where they gave you two pizzas for the price of one. I don't think I came down for a week. :)

Anyway I apologize for this long pointless post but this was fun.


et said...

Good cat name. Our two who are now Apollo and Andromeda were originally called "Duckworth" and "Foops" in their early months in residence at the vet's office. Very beneath their dignity.

Anonymous said...

OMG. This is really bizarre to find. See, I have only ever been to one OU game (I grew up in Norman, Okla, and have been an OU fan since like 1984, when I was 8 years old, haha) but since I was so young when I went to the game in question, I could never quite remember which year it was we went. All I know is that I was young, it was just me and my mom at the game, the score was really low, and it was frickin' FREEZING. I mean, it was soooooooo cold! We sat huddled under some sort of plastic blanket and somebody had a radio that we were listening to the play-by-play on, because the rain and sleet/snow basically kept us from being able to see anything (not to mention the fact that I was 11 years old, LOL). We actually ended up leaving at halftime because we couldn't take it anymore. And that's all the memories I have left of this game.

So when I recently asked my mom what year that was and she couldn't remember, I had to find it myself. I googled and found a website with the scores from each OU-NU game from the late Eighties, and when I saw the 7 to 3 score from this one, I thought "this is probably it"--but I wasn't positive until I stumbled upon your review here.

So... even though you're obviously a Nebraska fan and therefore my rival, I still thank you for helping me to regain a bit of my childhood, LOL! :D


Anonymous said...

Thank you Melissa. Sorry I am 3 years late on this :)

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