Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Obama/Clinton Wars Continues

I thought we were past all of this crap. Thomas B. Edsall of the Huffington Post reports that even though Obama has secured the delegates needed to secure the party's nomination, a group of Hillary Supporters just won't accept the fact that their candidate lost a close and hardly-fought nomination.

Maybe, just maybe, a bunch of delegates to the Democratic Convention in Denver will change their minds at the last minute. Maybe there is an outside chance that between now and the last week of August a critical mass will decide that Barack Obama is not their guy -- that, to the surprise of one and all, Hillary Rodham Clinton is to be the 2008 nominee after all.

That is the thinking behind a small but determined band of Hillary backers, some of whom have formed a 527 fundraising committee that has already run one $9,700 ad in the Chicago Tribune, and plans more in the weeks to come.

The Denver Group has a list of demands for the DNC Convention:

An open convention.

Senator Clinton's name placed in nomination. No symbolic roll call vote.

Speeches allowed by supporters of Senator Clinton on
behalf of her candidacy.

A genuine roll call vote with Senator Clinton as a legitimate candidate.

No coronation

Look, Senator Clinton ran a tough and historic campaign, but Obama secured the delegates needed to secure the nomination. She lost, and she has endorsed the presumptive nominee and has asked her supporters to do the same. She's moved on, why can't the die-hards do the same, as the majority of Obama supporters would do as well, if the metaphorical shoe was on the other foot?

If they want to threaten to vote for Senator McCain or just sit out this election, let em. I really could care less anymore.

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