Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That's Progress I Guess

On the Batman Thread Below we were discussing Midnight premieres and Such and Et brought up Return of The Jedi which I saw at the old Indian Hills Theater. Here is what Wiki says about the theater.


The Indian Hills Theater in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, was built in 1962 as a movie theater showcasing films in the Cinerama wide-screen format. The theater's screen was the largest of its type in the United States. Despite the protests of local citizens, Hollywood legends, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the theater was demolished in 2001 by Nebraska Methodist Health Systems, Inc., for a parking lot.

Tore down for a God Damn Parking lot.

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et said...

Wow, this just reminded me of where my best friend and I saw The Empire Strikes Back and more than a few other things in college. This was the first vaudeville-era theatre in central MO. I remember that curtain and proscenium very well. Our favorite place to sit was in the front-row balcony for those stained-glass panels the article mentions: still pretty dazzling even in the low-budget movie theatre days.

The Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay, OR was in the much the same mold but desperately needed some TLC...which it looks like it may be getting...

And, prepare to be jealous: I have been here, here (with said Mr. Thom on the board), and many, many a time in here.

The Dolby screening room is designed such that the acoustics are exactly the same whether none, all, or any number in between of the seats are filled. ET Daughter's first movie was in her baby carrier in that room. Four Weddings & a Funeral, pre-release...which she slept through...

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