Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mark Noonan cheers on Chimpy as he violates our Constitution

Party and president before country....that's Mark's motto.

The vote was 69 to 28; not even close. And, as I’m sure everyone knows, even Despserately-Seeking-Triangulation Obama voted in favor. Each time we get to one of these major issues the Democrats shout about how they’ve finally got President Bush where they want ‘im…only to fold like a house of cards when push comes to shove. This is, I think, simply because President Bush doesn’t back down when vital issues are at stake and, additionally, he’s just a much better politician than the Democrats are. Democrats are good at bribery and log rolling, but they’ve really got nothing in their bag of tricks when confronted by someone who is determined to do the right thing.

'The right thing?' Since when is protecting the telecoms companies from being prosecuted, rather than protecting the people and defending and upholding our laws, principles, and ideals as a nation, doing the right thing?

You're absolutely disgusting, Noonan....Yeah, Bush got his legislation victory, but America and her citizens had their 4th Amendment rights violated as a result. You still think that's something to celebrate?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how badly Noonan hurts himself when he jerks off to Arbusto.

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