Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lord Help Me I Am Going To The Midnight Premiere Of The Dark Knight.

For The Second Time Ever I Am Going To A Midnight Premiere Of A Movie. The Only other one? Phantom Menace. (Yes I have never gone to a premiere of a James Bond film in Omaha. Not sure there has even been one.) I swore I'd never go to another one again. Not because I disliked PM. I actually like the movie but sorry Jonathan... but because of the damn fanboys. And you just know there will be 40 year olds dressed as Batman and Joker attending this thing. So why am I going then? because The Contessa hates these movies I think she thinks they are all like the 1966 Batman movie. ( Any why would that be so bad? That Movie contained the greatest scene ever...)

I want to see it and somebody asked me if I wanted to go to the midnight showing and they would pay for the ticket. shit that's $9 that stays in my pocket.

Here is 4 things I feel safe in saying.

1. The Movie Will Kick major ass.
2. The Movie Will Not change my life past present or future.
3. Somebody will be at the theater who will give me at least three hours of joke material.
4. I will go see it again in a few months in a half empty theater so I can actually enjoy the movie.


et said...

"No, Robin; we'll leave inconspicuously. Through the window."

Have fun, Count. Last midnight premiere I ever saw was "Return of the Jedi" - yeah, the first time, back before they were even putting "best before" dates on stuff. The beauty of it is that everyone "gets" all the in-jokes and asides, and the line energy is always fun. I still remember the guy in the Vader outfit skateboarding up and down the sidewalk outside the Arlington and being chased by someone's dog, to general cheering.

Hope it's a good time!

Anonymous said...

I still remember the guy in the Vader outfit skateboarding up and down the sidewalk outside the Arlington and being chased by someone's dog, to general cheering.

See that's the stuff that drives me nuts. I guess I am an old poop. :)

et said...

Oh, it would drive me nuts today as well, Count - no question! But I was still a young poop back in '83...


Anonymous said...

One positive he's got the tickets already :) I saw Return Of The jedi with my Brother. He's no longer with us unfortunately. I remember going on the bus to Indian hills theater to see the film. Indian Hills has been tore down...grrrr.

I saw The Empire Strikes back at a drive in. Remember those? My other brother and his Girl Friend were going and I played up to his GF to get her to ask to take me. :)

Jonathan said...

Count, I'm watching The Dark Knight at midnight as well with some friends. Last time i've done something like this was when I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
Hopefully i'm sitting there next to some cute-looking girls, given the fact these friends of mine are currently dating one another.
God, I hate being the third wheel, but, like you, i don't have to pay for it, so I can't complain.
I actually don't mind midnight movies, and the fanboys are always fun for a group photo or for a laugh at.
But this should be a great movie.

et said...

*sigh* The Arlington was a great place for "big" movies like this. If you go to the link you can see it's still one big screen and auditorium, not chopped into a dozen little boxes. Inside, the box seats are designed to be like balconies of houses surrounding a Spanish-style courtyard - heck, this is Santa Barbara, whaddaya expect? - and when the house lights go town tiny lights in the ceiling fill the "night sky."

Crummy acoustics (unless they've gone the THX route since my day) and if you park in the Safeway lot you're just asking to be towed, but the scale and ambience of the place make up for a lot.

I bet it'll end up being a great time for both of you! Looking forward to your reviews...

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