Friday, July 18, 2008

DJ Cat Is Confusing Spud

My dog Spud has had a pretty straight forward relationship with cats in his life. they beat the hell out of him. Hell Cats from around the neighborhood sneak in the yard and beat the hell out of him. And Spud for his part returns the favor by often ramming his head up their ass and pissing them off. So our newest kitty DJ cat has Spud really confused. DJ goes up to Spud and washes him. Spud doesn't know what to about it. He's tried roughing housing with DJ but he won't go for it. Making Spuds task of figuring him out even harder is DJ Cat out weighs him quite a bit. it's funny to watch.

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et said...

Post a picture of DJ when you get a chance, Count!

I gave Andromeda a sponge bath today. Thorough brushing, brisk rubbing with a damp, warm towel and a drying-off with another one. She actually likes this. Confused kitty.

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