Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Question For The Cat Lovers

We got a new member of the family today and he is 5 years old. We have had other cats before but never one who is this old and is used to another family. So far all he has done is hide under beds. He seems to be really nervous at the moment. I have tried food and Nip but so far nothing has gotten him out for long. I know he is sociable and he knows me . Should we just wait and he will come around? What is the best way to get him feeling more comfortable?

We got him out from under the bed :) I am sure he will be a wonderful addition to our family but there is no question he is a cat. :)

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et said...

Our two oldest cats (Apollo and Andromeda) lived at the vet's office for several months before we adopted them, because apparently local folk at the time had a black-cat phobia. It took Apollo, for example, a full year to really warm up to us all, and he's now the most affectionate fellow.

Depending on the kitty's backstory - A&A's mom and siblings were killed by a dog at a campground - I find that it just takes time. Hang in there and your new arrival will emerge and probably be more loving than you can imagine right now.

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