Sunday, July 27, 2008

Newshounds Question

Did the newshounds have one thread about McClellan outing Fox as a state ran news network much the same way Pravda is a state run newspaper? I can't find one and it would seem to me this would be something they would jump all over if they were a serious organization whose goal it is to expose the evils of Fox.

Yes McClellan told us nothing we didn't already long suspect... OK KNOW...but you would think the fact that a former member of the Bush White House has admitted what both Bush and Fox has long denied would be an item the ladies should be all over if they were serious about monitoring Fox...or knew what they were doing.

I have checked the blog several times and have not found anything on there about this latest development. If it's there I missed it.

Late Edit: They just posted a thread on this. As did Think Progress. I suspect TP probably posted this first and then newshounds decided to post a thread. I heard about it last night or the night before on The Countdown.


et said...

We were on it on the OT on Friday, Count.

Anonymous said...

I believe that.

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