Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A question for the Count

You being a fan of James Bond movies, what would you say are the best theme songs to the Bond movies?


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind I am not a fan at all of music in the last 30 or so years so maybe I am not the one to ask. But here are the songs I like or kinda like

From Russia With Love Matt Monro.

Casino Royale By Herb Alpert And The TJB.

Ok 1967's Casino Royale is not really a James Bond movie even though it's main character is James Bond and it's not a good film period but if you just watch the opening credits and hear the Brass' kick ass theme then it's actually pretty good. Now If I can just hear it with out seeing Peyton Manning dancing to it...

You Only Live Twice Nancy Sinatra.

We Have All The Time In the World Louis Armstrong.
(again not really the theme to OHMSS but a great song)

Diamonds Are Forever Shirley Bassey
Live And Let Die Paul McCartney
Nobody Does It Better Carley Simon
Moonraker Shirley Bassey

Those are the ones I am fond of.

Anonymous said...

Actually The Theme to OHMSS is pretty good as well.

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