Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Yorker

So I was going through the place lighting candles cause I like candles better than electricity when I over heard the wifes CNN. Log cabin 360 is droning on about the cover of The New Yorker and the impact it might have. I honestly think this is a non-news story. I told her to go to work tomorrow and ask her co-workers if they read the New-Yorker. But have no fear. Log cabin got Billy Bennett off the black jack table to tell us the real impact of this magazine cover.


Drucilla said...

The problem is that the news has made it a story. You're right, I bet the New Yorker circulation is, well, lets just say it's not a magazine that speaks to the masses, but sense main stream news picked it up on it's rador, it is now a big deal. The cover's circulation right now is huge; even before the first issue has hit the stands. So, It's defenitly a news story, whether it should be or not.


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you.

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