Monday, July 28, 2008

Calling Out Newshounds. Seems Like Old Times

Warning I am about to go off on Newshounds. This post is my feelings and Jonathan has nothing to do with it. So if you disagree blame me. Also if you don't want to read anymore of my feelings towards Newshounds you have been forewarned.

It's been a good while since I have taken a good shot at the fine folks at Newshounds and I can assure you I am not doing so tonight just to take another needless shot at the "hard working gals" Surely you know how hard they work. They just can't resist the opportunity to tell you about it every time they ask for donations. The last time the gals asked for coin Chrish (one my all time favs) even went on about how she would rather spend the time with her ass out back in a hammock. I was going to say 700 pound ass but for all I know Chrish might weigh 70 pounds and really she would be equally as well... I digress.

Anyway Friday Scott McClellan made some truths known about Fox News that all of us long knew were true but didn't quite have the proof. Something the culprits involved, Fox News and The White House, have long denied. Fox News is a state ran news organization. Nothing more that a Republican Pravda and yet the blog whose specific job it is to monitor Fox News was curiously a sleep at the wheel and didn't post a thing about this until Think Progress posted it on their blog. I mean having a blog and all that's designed to show the public the biases of Fox News I would think that a statement like...

“I make a distinction between the journalists and the commentators. Certainly there were commentators and other, pundits at FOX News, that were useful to the White House.” […] That was something we at the White House, yes, were doing, getting them talking points and making sure they knew where we were coming from."

Matthews: “So you were using these commentators as your spokespeople.”

McClellan: “Well, certainly.”

Call me crazy but it seems like if I were running a blog that monitored Fox and I worked oh so hard at it even though I didn't really want to do it...This is something that I would put up right a fucking way. But it seems Chrish and Ellen were caught sleeping in their back yards in their hammocks again. It wasn't until late Saturday night that chrish FINALLY posted something about this on newshounds and even then not because she herself caught it and was late to post it but because she read it on Think Progress.

Scott McClellan confirms on Hardball what we've been saying all along: "Fox News Commentators Use The ‘Talking Points’ That The White House Sends Them."

ThinkProgress reports...

There you have it. This is how hard the Newshounds work. They go to other blogs see what they put up and then post it on their blog. Nothing wrong with that, hell that's what I do. But then I don't claim to be a media watch dog either. And I don't beg for money 12 times year while crying about how hard it is to run this blog. Really it's quite easy to run. As I am sure the Newshounds ladies must know since they run their blog the very same way.

Making the laziness of the Newshounds ladies even more egregious is the fact that the off topic group, the real Newshounds, apparently caught this right way. I quote ET from this very blog...

We were on it on the OT on Friday, Count.

Come on now ladies could you not go to the off topic forum of your own damn blog and not catch this? I mean laziness is one thing but there has to be a limit doesn't there? I know, I know, the Off topic forum is full of losers that you would rather do with out and you only really ever go to off topic to see if anybody said anything said nasty against you even though it's an open forum because after all it's your forum right? Really the only time you ever need them is after you check Think Progress and Crooks And Liars to see if they have anything on Fox that you can post on your blog and only then so you can tell them HOW HARD YOU WORK and HOW MUCH YOU HATE DOING IT and how you WOULD RATHER BE OUT BACK IN A HAMMOCK...Blah blah blah... so they should send you their hard earned money.

So I am suggesting that Newshounds while a worthy blog, all left-wing blogs that monitor right-wing bullshit are worthy blogs and are needed, Blogs like Thing Progress and Crooks And Liars are far more worthy. They are doing the job that the Newshounds are pretending they do. or at least a far better job of it. They probably like what they do and don't feel the hard work is a strain either. Yes Newshounds is a volunteer blog but they volunteered so they can stop blaming others for it or quit. As for donations, it's not my place to tell people what to do with their hard earned cash but it seems to me that since Newshounds is just a feeder from Think Progress, Crooks And Liars And Media Matters For America those are the blogs that people should think
about donating to first.

Count Istvan



et said...

Well, if you're dissecting what Fox News is saying and immersed in their videos all day (or in what passes for your free time), I can see how this might not have been Job One on the gals' list.

Maybe it's time for someone to join the NH team whose beat is not directly Fox, but the other outlets that address Fox peripherally. I mean, it was MSNBC's Dan Abrams that spotted and publicized the use of 2000 McCain campaign footage in a Fox segment covering the present campaign.

It's as relevant an area as debunking the direct Fox spin. I'm just not sure they have the, er, woman-power to do it. Donna seems to have disappeared: there may be some real issues of too few available eyes to stay ahead of the game on everything.

Anonymous said...

"Donna seems to have disappeared: there may be some real issues of too few available eyes to stay ahead of the game on everything."

Wow I didn't see that coming :) To paraphrase Charles Barkley I may be wrong about this but I doubt it. I have long seen NH becoming a three Woman operation with two power brokers and one swing vote. I don't know how many women there were to start but it sure seems the ones who really want to do some good have all given up or been forced out.

Now all you have is the ones who are only in it for themselves. So the lack of people excuse doesn't go real far with me. Especially since so many people have tried to help them.

*Warning*Now I am going to suck up... If I had a forum with quality people like you and most of the other people there posting on it I would pay attention to what they were talking about. Since Off-topic is the brain trust and power behind that blog anyway.

et said...

Weren't there 6 or 7 to begin with? We lost Judy, Janie, Marie-Therese and now Donna...

It's natural with time for things to fall into a rut. Maybe the guest reporters like "Tom" and "Priscilla" will shake things up a bit.

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