Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Don't Know What's Funnier, Or More Pathetic Take Your Pick , The Moonie Times Or It's Readers.

The World-O-Crap blog brought this to me attention...


Andrew Breibart, whom I have never heard off, wrote what is easily one of the worst articles I have ever had the misfortune of reading. It's about the horrors of being conservative in Hollywood. I am calling on you to put a stop to this. We must protect these poor helpless Billionaires from their cruel fate.

Prepare to laugh your ass off.

While it is true that the ratio of Obama-to-McCain bumper stickers in West L.A. is about 250-to-1, there are untold closet Republicans in the entertainment industry who dare not advertise their beliefs in movie studio parking lots. (Unfortunately, car keying is a tactic wielded liberally by the self-described "tolerant.")

Seriously it gets worse.

Convicted murderer? Has anyone optioned the rights to your story?

Avowed Marxist? Viva la revolucion!

Scientologist? Do you take Visa or Mastercard?

Syphilitic drug abuser? Let's talk!

Conservative? You should go.

Christ do these people have a complex or what?

Only proclaiming one's self a practicing Christian is met with greater disdain - making Christian Republicans the gold standard in Hollywood pariah status. Fortunately, their Savior - that dude from Mel Gibson's highest-grossing blockbuster that was shunned by the major studios - wrote the script on how to live with an unpopular point of view.

I'll do my crying in the rain

Since the communist-sympathizing Jane Fonda aerobicized her way into the mainstream of Hollywood politics, and about the time that John Wayne died, most Republicans in Hollywood began to shut their mouths. Other Republicans attempt to win over the bullies by referring to themselves as "moderate," "libertarian," "independent," "classical liberal," "pragmatist" or "JFK Democrat."

Seriously I can't take anymore. I am so heartbroken about this. Fuck the starving children. Hollywood Republicans are getting their cars keyed dammit.

Later in the umm...article.

Mr. Downey and Mr. Mamet have reached points high enough in the food chain where they won't always be disinvited from macrobiotic power lunches. They join an elite brunch that includes Adam Sandler, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton who also brazenly wear the Scarlet "R" in the middle of the school cafeteria.

And haven't made money in 5 years. Could it be they you know...suck?

Michael Crichton - who, to the chagrin of Al Gore, exposes "environmentalism as a religion" - and comic genius Dennis Miller show that there are cracks in the wall artificially separating Hollywood from much of America. This stealth contrarian trend (featuring high-end talent with iconoclastic reputations) could gain steam in an election featuring a "maverick" like Mr. McCain, who gives nervous showbiz conservatives far greater career cover than toxic avenger George W. Bush ever did.

Stop I can't take anymore!!!!!!!

The amazing thing pathetic as this article is the comments section puts it to shame...

By: spoutmaster

WOW! Andrew Breitbart is a great writer. I look forward to reading more in the future.

My close friend in Hollywood, a closet conservative Christian, maintains that so many in Hollywood are Liberals because so many are so shallow, so desperate for acceptance, and so guilty about their own excesses, yet wanting approval for them.
In spite of what seems to be overwhelming venality, he claims that there are many shadow conservatives and christians trying to influence the people and the artistic process.

Loved this article! I can't wait for more Hollywood types to come out of the closet, and I would love to see more opposing viewpoints being portrayed in their films. It's pleasing to know that not everyone in la la land follows the fold. We need more heros who will stand up and be counted. Hollywood, of all places, should know that.

Of course as soon as these Hollywood types come out of the closet you Republicans would just hate them more.

Speaking of coming out of the closet...who is Andrew Breibart? He's a follower of Matt Drudge. Now I won't go there. Just because he's worked with Drudge, has his own news site like Drudge and seems to worship and want to be like Drudge doesn't mean he know like Drudge.


Jonathan said...

And haven't made money in 5 years. Could it be they you know...suck?

Can we take Robert Downey Jr. out of the equation here? He's actually a solid actor and he's been is some very good movies where I found his work to be impressive (i.e. Good Night, and Good Luck, Zodiac, Iron Man).

I swear, this article was one big, WTF moment for me.

Sergei Andropov said...

Coming out of the closet... by announcing themselves as Republicans... hmm...

Godzilla104 said...

Reading Andrew's crap, I can honestly say that he is... you know.. like Drudge. And if you think that's a compliment, you're as seriously deluded as... you know.. Drudge.

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