Sunday, July 20, 2008

Message To Jonathan And Sergei

It it currently 55 Degrees in Berkeley, 67 in San Diego and 972 in Omaha...

You Guys Suck!!!!

Suck Suck Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrr... :)


Anonymous said...

And I bet neither of you have that 200% humidity either.

Jonathan said...

Suck it up, you big wuss.

et said...

Oh, Count, that sounds just miserable! I wish I could bottle some ocean breezes from Vancouver Island and send you a case.

Try to stay cool. That heat + humidity combo is nasty.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I have never been a fan of the summer. There have been far worse days than today but 90+ degrees with 70+ percent humidity just zaps me. And what's really bad is it doesn't really cool down. it's about 7 past 2 as I write this and it is still 80 degrees out.

et said...

I hear ya, Count. I did my undergrad in Missouri and, as an English tutor, had to come back early in mid-August for some in-service sessions before the term began. 90s for temp and humidity both, without fail. Just walking outside sapped you of all your energy within seconds, literally.

I've always preferred autumn and winter, myself. It's easier - not to mention more socially acceptable - to add layers than to, er, remove them.

Here's hoping you get a break soon.

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