Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What The Fuck?

Credit Roachman

WOW Hakoscan.com fans and writers must be from a corrupt country pretending to be Americans. Ahhhh butt you all don't sound American at all.
To attack news that has been substantiated no matter how it is delivered is still news and your rules of journalism is the biggest crock of propaganda I have seen of late.

Look what you all did to Sarah Palin. Jello any body out there that cares. Not on this site.

Republican or Democratic Libitarian, or bowler is not the issue here you Recklessly Hormonally Imbalanced Libertines, its about being American and you reaction of the preservation of the Acorn group is as corrupt as the people who work there.
You dont have one or two people who have the same rules of loaning and lending a hand. No,you have 30 people so far that lack firm adherence to a code of moral or artistic values and promotes prostitution and to procure funding for the hose that they wish to use for their business and to bring in illegal immigrants of all things and encourages the beating of the sex slaves so they appear used and abused to get more money for their little bodies. Then in order to get more cash on the hour! Then top that off with promoting the galvanization of tax evasion . What? USA Taxes, the government,who is the very hand that feed this monster?. WELL, Y certainly cannot get MORALY lower than that unless your Hitler or one of his FOLLOWERS.

This Acorn doesn't fall far from a tree of Rotten Apples
These are just some of the seeds of your hope and change you water,

5 KISSES (r)
Andrew Breitbart James O'Keefe & true Champion for the USA Hannah Giles

Tina O
I expect to see publication of this article on your site as
I have followed your guidelines and I am relevant to your article and have not exercised Vulgar Language

Thank you Tina O
tina Hillstrom | 09.15.09 - 11:59 pm | #

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theroachman said...

I was hoping for a follow up post from Tina

Still have not figured out what the kissing thing is all about. 5 kisses four people and only one is listed as true Champion for the USA. Hmm? If Tina is a girl does that mean she is a Gay Repulican?

Not that there is anything wrong with that...

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