Thursday, September 3, 2009

Harry Reid has a challenger for the Senate seat in 2010

And his name is....Mark Noonan! No joke. He's running for GOP nomination to unseat Reid in the 2010 midterm elections.

I’m going to run for Nevada Senator - first working to ensure that the GOP nominee honored with sending Harry back to Searchlight is a rock-ribbed conservative and, second, doing the actual sending.

I attended a seminar this past weekend where a fine, young man from GOPAC laid out just what needs to be done to run a campaign. This won’t be easy. In fact, it’ll probably be the hardest thing I’ve ever done - just winning the GOP nomination will be hard, and then I get to go after Harry Reid, arguably the most ill-tempered, mean-spirited partisan Nevada has ever seen. And he’ll have upwards of $25 million dollars - a war chest designed to provide blanket slanderization of whomever the GOP selects. Let him try - I don’t give a rat’s rear what anyone says about me, and as I have no power, wealth or position on the line, I’ve got nothing to lose. Being a citizen of Nevada and the United States of America is honor enough, and Reid can’t take that away from me no matter how much muck he throws. In fact, being the brunt of a Reid slander would be a badge of honor for me.

Here's his website where you can read all about how awful Reid his and how he differs. Personally, I'd be fine with him running against Reid and beating him (he's a piss-poor Majority Leader and I'd rather see a Dem with balls lead the Democratic senate). Plus, he could give Michelle Bachman run at the title, dumbest and nuttiest mofo in D.C.


Anonymous said...

Well Robert Byrd will no longer be the oldest senator if Noonan get's elected.

Anonymous said...

Noonan is only 45? Wow he looks 3 times that.

et said...

If he's really just 45...then he is walking evidence of how, Dorian Gray-like, neocon whacknuttery will consume you from within.

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