Sunday, September 13, 2009

The absurd postseason scenarios

As predicted by Yahoo Sports.

The AFC picture looks somewhat realistic, though i'd switch the 2nd seed with Pittsburgh, San Diego taking the 3rd seed, and where the hell did they get Houston taking the South?

The NFC? A mess.

Seattle winning the West? Yes, it's a chump-change division, but as long as Warner and Fitzgerald are healthy, the Seahawks have as much of a chance as the Lions breaking even at the end of the season.

Dad's a tried-and-true Dallas fan, but I don't see Tony Romo manning up and kicking Eli Manning's ass, nor McNabb's. I'm looking for either the Giants or the Eagles winning the East this time.

The Count will bite my head for saying this, but Farve and Peterson vs. the North? I like the ol' gunslinger.

My Predictions:
West - Chargers (of course)
North - Steelers
South - Titans
East - Patriots
Wild Card - Indy & Baltimore

West - Cardinals
North - Vikings
South - Saints
East - Giants
Wild Card - Philadelphia & Carolina

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Anonymous said...

I hate Green Bay dude. Honestly that's part of the reason I stuck with a north team. I still get to root against Chicago and White America's team.

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