Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does This Make Any Sense To You?

Since the nightmare was soon becoming a reality, right wing and conservative talk radio has been bombarded with the fairness doctrine act and how the Obama administration was going to take away the people's voice by controlling information; a sure sign of socialism. Even though I personally can see a sinister play by Obama's administration dealing with this act I must ask myself, why and can you blame him? Is He some kind of anti-chirst/ racist who is hell bent on the eradication of the United States old liners or is it that even Obama has seen Talk radio become a distraction, a hindrance and that Hannity, Limbaugh and friends have become a deter to Obama's vision. which isn't always a bad thing once put in its proper perspective where men and women of media can show they can be trusted and show some integrity by being responsible and honest resulting in a good, peaceful and productive dialogue as Obama time and time calls for but Talk radio has gone too far now with the Obama's address of today's youths, spreading all kind of fear mongering rhetoric. Hannity calling it "the indoctrination speech" We have heard of the old adage, "absolute power corrupts absolutely" well maybe that is what is happening in Talk radio. Maybe it is time that talk radio be scaled back but then who does it and to what extent in a free society?

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et said...

In a word...er, no.

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