Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If At First It Don't Succeed Odds Are It Never Will

Another bowl game in Yankee Stadium
Get ready for the Yankee Bowl.

Starting in 2010, teams from the Big East and Big 12 conferences will play in an annual bowl game at the new Yankee Stadium.

The four-year deal will match the Big East's third or fourth selection against the Big 12's seventh selection. Notre Dame has agreed to play in the bowl if it available and the Big 12 does not have enough bowl-eligible teams.

The game will be played between Christmas and New Year's Day each year.


As any Nebraska fan can tell you there once was a Bowl Game in Yankee Stadium and it was called the Gotham Bowl. It lasted for 2 years 1961 and 1962. In 1962 Nebraska played Miami of Florida Nebraska won 36-34. The crowd was officially counted at 6,166 people most estimates put the crowd at 1,000 people or less. There was a newspaper strike in NY so the game got no coverage and Nebraska actually was sitting in the Lincoln Airport waiting for the Check to cash before the left for New York.

Even if the Yankee Bowl's leaders are more competent than the Gotham Bowl folks the fact still remains New York City doesn't give a shit about college football and NOBODY wants to go to a cold weather northern city to see a bowl game. Especially a game between the 7th team in the Big XII and the 4th team in the Big East.

Why do we keep trying things over and over that have been proven to be miserable failures? This goes beyond football obviously.

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