Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mark Nooner On Health Care

As Jonathan Reported Mark Nooner is running for senate.

This is Nooner's plan for Health care. It involves calling more people doctor, insuring less people and um painting houses. Oh and "susides" for the poor.


theroachman said...

RWers these days do not seem to be able to put a full plan of anything together. Less they be caught not knowing what they are talking about. Take Bob the wordy troll over at newshounds. I ask the guy to link his quotes with out whining and thus he whined the most I have ever seen a troll whine Yikes!

Its on the Bob McDonnald thread.

And Goodell as the past has told us, does not want small market NFL teams to succeed. Thus today to make sure Green Bay folds and bows to Corporate take over he invisions the end of the Salery Cap next year. And people wonder why I dont watch anymore.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't watch because the idea of Black men having money appalls him. That's why I hate Green Bay BTW. people like Bob like them.

Anonymous said...

I just read his posts. Goddamn he must think he's Cedarford now.

theroachman said...


I dont know that is pretty extreem. Bob has not prayed for our deaths... yet!

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