Thursday, September 3, 2009

Straight Out Of Winnipeg

You May Have Been Following The Pac Man Jones thread on Newshounds off topic. They were going to sign him but decided not to because the people complained it sends a bad message for a city already struggling with crime. On behalf of the United States...struggling with crime? Winnipeg? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Winnipeg is Canada's murder capital.

Manitoba is the deadliest province in Canada, according to a Statistics Canada report released Thursday.

There were 62 homicides in Manitoba last year — the highest number since data were first collected in 1961, and up from 39 killings in 2006.

On a per-capita basis, Manitoba recorded the highest homicide rate of all the provinces, at 5.22 per 100,000, almost double the rates of second-place Saskatchewan and third-place Alberta.

Among major cities, Winnipeg led with 3.55 homicides per 100,000 people.

Edmonton was second at 3.28 and Calgary was third at 3.14.

Five of Winnipeg's homicides were committed with firearms, and five were gang-related, according to Statistics Canada.

Nationally, police reported 594 homicides in Canada in 2007, 12 fewer than in 2006, and a rate of 1.8 per 100,000.

3.55? 3.28? 3.14? What are these grade point averages? They can't be murder rates. You know what they call a major city in the US with a 3.55 gra...err Murder rate? Me neither it doesn't exist.

For Comparisons...

Winnipeg Proper has 633,000 people and 739,00 in the metro. Omaha Nebraska has 438,000 and a metro of 837,000 people. Omaha's murder rate was 7.9 in 2006 9.7 in 2007. That last figure was inflated a bit by two mass shootings to start and end the year 7.9 is about normal. Now despite the fact that they like to pretend otherwise Omaha's crime rate while high for the Midwest is moderate for a city it's size.

Now I have been to Calgary. I didn't much like it. Not because of that awful crime rate but because I swore they closed the city at 7. But I couldn't believe how unbelievably clean the city was. I have also been to London, Ontario and found it also to be an unbelievably clean city. The year I was in London was 2005 they had their highest murder total ever. 14. Again Bwahahahahahahaha!

The fairly small town of Regina Saskatchewan boasts (if that is the right word) one of the larger and by all reports poorer ghettos in Canada in it's northern sector I have even found an article calling it the " Detroit" of Canada... again "bwahahahahahahahahaha" Find 100 people 50 Here 50 in Canada ask them where they would feel safer Regina or Detroit.

If Regina's "ghetto" isn't the worst in Canada near as I can tell Vancouver's is. Vancouver's ghetto is also apparently about 4 blocks long in the eastern end of downtown. Find articles from Canadians describing it and you would think it was as bad as anything Detroit or Chicago has to offer. Find an Article written by an American describing Vancouver's ghetto and again it's

You silly Canadians with your health care and your safe streets you just do not get it do you?


et said...

You forgot our eeeevil socialist gun control, Count!

Anonymous said...

Seattle and Portland both have murder rates around 4.1 I think for American Cities with more than a few hundred thousand people that is as good as it gets.

Anonymous said...

what is the largest ethnic group in that is guilty of these crimes?

Anonymous said...

North Carolinian's Named Bob.

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