Monday, September 7, 2009

Open Thread

Sometimes I understand a Van Jones just resigning instead of causing a scene but man it seems Democrats always bow down to pressure while Conservatives just say fuck it and keep going. Literally. Maybe by resigning Jones is stopping a bigger commotion from happening instead of causing one.

Glenn Beck is a says Ralph.

Happy 70th Birthday to George Lazenby who may not have been the best Bond but was Bond in the Best movie and he was IMHO quite good in the movie.

On the one hand since football season just got here I am in no rush to get to November but on the other hand this...

looks so fucking sweet. I do believe it's going to be better than the similar 2006 Sinatra vegas box set.

Oh yeah open thread Labor Day style.


et said...

Well, you know I would have liked him to stay and tough it out, Count. I suppose the administration felt that unloading him would close the issue, but you and I know that isn't remotely what will happen - this crowd is rabid and they'll just go onward and pick the next target, like it's some kind of insane real-life midway game.

Doing anything fun for Labor Day? We're taking things easy. ET Spouse is making paella. (Mmmmm.....)

Anonymous said...

Not really. I always get Monday off, or usually always, anyway. I think
we're eating roast beef which is becoming a favorite of mine.

et said...

Nice. I made pot roast tonight. First day that's felt autumnal enough for it. The rain is a welcome sight: makes me feel creative.

Feeling creative is a good thing when you're building a 14-room Georgian Manor House in inch-to-the-foot scale. And I'm still working on the basement.

When are you coming over to the dark side - aka Facebook - Count? Many of the NH gang are there and it's far friendlier for photo sharing (as of this project) and the like. Think about it, pretty please...?

theroachman said...

Clean up Isle 1

I am making a turkey dinner. 17.5 lbs bird. No stuffing though, friends comming over with gluten intolerance issues. But there will be mash potatos, caulflour, brocile, wine, buorbon, desert and turkey gravy for us gluten tolerant folks.

Going to finish my coffee then its off to the kitchen.

Anonymous said...


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