Monday, September 21, 2009

Shit I Learn From Twiter

Franklin Roosevelt Caused The Great Depression

This from Kimberly Morin (conservativeind)
  1. @theblazingmonk He tried Keynesian economics... they FAILED.. War is ONLY thing that got the U.S. out of that
  2. @theblazingmonk You should really look into his policies. It was HIS policies that made the depression last so long
  3. @theblazingmonk Ppl forgot just how bad he was before the war because the war saved his ass


theroachman said...

History is not something kimberly took in school I take it.

good gawd!

et said...

I'll just weigh in here for convenience. At first I liked the new layout, Count, but now I'm thinking it's not as friendly to the graphics as the old...

Still, your blog, your rules - we'll all play by them!

Anonymous said...

It's only going to be this week until Sunday

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