Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN Draws The Squirrels

Next stop for ACORN, the RICO act.

One can only wonder how deep acorns roots go into this administration.

This is going tto be fun to watch unfold.

Why would anyone in their right mind support ACORN after the voter fraud, the ACORN 8, and now this (which is supposedly going to get even better today)?? I'm embarrassed that both my state's senators voted to NOT cut ACORN funding...
I think its pretty clear from the videos that what ACORN is and has been doing is a disgusting use of taxpayer funds. They are completely corrupt. Facts? Whats there to argue watch the videos its clear as day.

I can't see why any idiot would actually defend ACORN because they got caught.

The OTHER media won't cover it because it is detrimental to their beloved president. Just like they didn't cover VanJones. What a loser that guy is. So much corruption in this administration so soon. So much for the great unifier of the nation.

Justice Fraul
ACORN is corrupt. Any agency corrupt and taking in tax dollars should be cut off.

As for the MSM, it is extremely obvious that they won't report anything critical to the current prez. That's unfortunately. If I wanted a news filter, I'd filter it myself.

Love Dave and no I'm not a racist because I have this view.
You leftists never cease to amaze me. The total conjecture of what Ms. Giles knew about ACORN before all this started totally circumvents the actual corruption caught on tape? My goodness, they thought there was nothing wrong with underage prostitution! Michael Savage is right: "Liberalism is a mental disorder".
Ummmm ... if you don't susspect someone of foul play then what is the point of "investigating" it???!! How Ironic that a person who has an openly (and misguided) Anti-Fox News Agenda who thinks of them selves as assisting the people of the world with the "TRUTH" would attack another person who is doing the SAME EXACT THING! This web site is a joke and if I wasn't looking for more info on this young lady I would have never found it!
Didn't ACORN have a rather famous lawyer advising them a couple of years back? Curious how it seems they are all on the same page as far as tax/legal/loophole advice goes. Surly this cannot possibly reflect on their previous lawyer... The people he surrounds himself within no way reflects upon him.

Is the change we voted for?

I love hearing oracles like "Ellen" declare that Hannah Giles is a "dim-bulb." Surly she doesn't shine with the same self-perceived brilliance of "Ellen" but she seemed fairly intelligent to me.

I am not worried about Acorn taking down Obama. He is doing a good enough job himself.
I chuckled at this quote. Have you seen the rating for those two shows lately? Look...l just want news to be reported and corruption to be outed no matter WHO is committing it regardless of the politics.

It's funny, but every network including FOX reported ad nauseum on the Mark Sanford story. A story that really isn't a story unless he used taxpayer dollars to fund his Argentine trysts in my opinion.

Perhaps CBS or ABC should have investigated ACORN themselves or made a deal with the college kids first so FOX wouldn't be getting all the credit and distancing themselves even further in the ratings.
Poor Centurion,your moral compass is so skewed by your political bent you have an inability to know or do the right thing. Let's see, denigrating the messenger does what...eliminates and distorts the need to acknowledge the true crime, the corruption, the offer to assist setting up a brothel for underage girls? You remind me of the lawyer that attempts to persuade a jury that the girl really did deserve the violate rape..after all, look how she packaged herself in a sexy outfit. We would all benefit our country if we refused to swap our basic integrity and moral compass for anything temporal, including our politics. In a paraphrase of Rodney King, "can' we all just do the right thing"?
wpould like to know if she has been invited on any other network besides fox?????

Hell no, the alphabet stations don't even know about what's going on with acorn.

Charlie Gibson embarrassed himself on a radio interview by saying as much.

Acorn is history, and the alphbabet stations will soon follow.

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