Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dumbest right-wing quote of the night...and funniest!

neocon1 says:
September 13th, 2009 at 1:45 pm


cowering at the sight of the collapsing towers, maybe?

Cowering? hardly!
We all were with the President, ready to find some raghead jihadist and give him a little American justice.
That happened they soon heard from ALL of us and it wasnt pretty for them.

Oh, wow! Mr. big, strong, manly man here took care of some them ragheads for us....from the comfort of his own monitor, no less! Now there's a real American hero!
Big talk, but no walk, is my guess with this wannabe tough guy.


Anonymous said...

Yes he was right at his computer ready to deal out some justice.

et said...

No doubt he strained his mouse wrist with his rage.

theroachman said...

Hey lay off

If you ever had a keyboard blister you know how painfull they can be if the get infected. Government run VA insurance should given out to all keyboard wariors like neocon1.

et said...

Well, that CTRL-ALT-DEL move is definitely a tricky one to master without injury.

Hey, Count - liking the layout change!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like this myself

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