Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Conservative Angst Over Acorn

No other news net work would cover this story because they are all obama all the time. Fairness in journalism only exists on FOX.
Hey, I got a new acronym. MITFO

All but FOX. You have not any probably won't see this story on the state run media.
Next time, rather than simply attack the messenger, offer some legitimate defense for what the ACORN people were doing. She may in fact be a dim bulb but that does not explain the behavior of the people at ACORN. Besides if she is so stupid, what does that say about the relative intelligence of the people she "duped"?

You people are disgusting. You are souless. What's your agenda? It appears to be "keep poor people living in hell holes full of corruption". Lovely. Karma can be a bitch however.

Absolutely, 100% agree.

However, given that the MSM hasn't even heard of the Acorn scandel yet, I wonder how much effort is going into that verification.

This Morning ABC Anchor Charles Gibson was interviewed on a Chicago station, and when asked about Acorn stated he was unaware of what the story was. Last Friday, White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs stated that he was unaware of the march on Washington the following day.

Say what you will about the Newshound readers, but they are more up to date than the White house and the MSM combined.

And given the fact that both the Maryland AG and the Baltimore DA campaigned for Obama (not just supported - campaigned for) has nothing to do with anything, right?

So what if she didn't know about the housing fraud!!! She uncovered some issues that are seriously against the law (tax fraud, prostitution to name some tiny ones). If the police head into a bad part of town, and happen upon some prostitution going on, then they STILL FOUND SOMETHING THAT WAS ILLEGAL. Why don't you guys praise the fact that we are stopping illegal activity in our country?? And on top of that, you do realize that you were helping to fund tax fraud and prostitution (through your tax dollars unless you are on great old welfare system)

Note that this is the very same Ellen who threw a massive temper tantrum because her pedophile-coddling hero former VT judge Edmund Cashman was run off the bench for giving light sentences to child rapists due to the criticism from the folks she despises most - Fox News - claiming we do NOT have a first amendment right to say anything because we aren't residents of Vermont. You retarded news hacks ought to volunteer as ACORN's defense team since you think you can explain away all the criminal activity those folks were caught red-handed doing.


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