Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Night Football Open Thread

Not a good weekend for either Jonathan or myself. Nebraska dominated their game but couldn't get touchdowns. It still looked as if they were going to pull out a victory over a top 15 team on the road for the first time since 1997 When Virginia had to go 89 yards in less than 2 minutes without time outs. But Nebraska had a busted coverage and Virginia Tech won 16-15.

I may post more on this game and college football later.

San Diego Also had trouble finishing drives and it too ultimately lead to doom as The Baltimore Ravens held on for a 31-26 victory.

Oakland beat Kansas City 10-6 so somebody is happy.

The Patriots lost to the NY Jets.

There is a jackass posting very rude insulting posts directed towards me, probably Ranger, so be on the look out for him when I am out of town on Wednesday and Thursday.

Anyway Miami and Indianapolis tonight talk about the weekend games or anything else you would like.

BTW In honor of Nebraska celebrating it's 300th straight sell out this weekend and breaking out the 1962 throw back jerseys this is throw back week. The Blog will look like it looked when I first started it in 2006.

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