Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shit I Learn From Reading James Bond

A Man who can not whistle is a probably homosexual.

Page 37 Of 2008 Penguin edition of The Man With Golden Gun in a paragraph explaining why Francisco "Pistols" Scaramanga became a homicidal murderer for hirer Scaramanga's supposed great sexual prowess is being discussed...

"I have also noted from a "profile" of this man in Time magazine, one fact that this man cannot whistle. Now it may only be myth, and it certainly not medical science, but there is a popular theory that a man who cannot whistle has homosexual tendencies.

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Anonymous said...

Now it should be pointed out in the interest of fairness The Man With The Golden Gun is not Fleming's best book. In fact...it may well be his worst. He was not healthy when writing it and seems almost certain not to have completed it. At least not in a final draft.

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