Sunday, September 13, 2009

How should I respond to this?

This was left on my last blog about Joe Wilson:

Anonymous said...

Rep. Wilson is owed an apology, not the Great OZbama or wicked witch Pelosi and her flying monkeys. The House specifically rejected amendments requiring verification of legal status in order to receive benefits. So, pray tell, why wouldn't illegals cash in on this program? Because they are law abiding illegals? Come on America, leave something for our kids!!!

September 12, 2009 2:25 PM


Anonymous said...

By erasing it and laughing at the sender. BTW pretty sure who it is. The same thing was posted here.

et said...

Apart from anything else, the point is ridiculous because IT WOULDN'T WORK.

I am legally resident in Canada. I don't carry my US Passport and Permanent Resident Card everywhere because, frankly, they're too valuable to risk the loss of. The only time I am supposed to need them is when I travel outside of or return to the country, anyway.

But, then, BC isn't replete with healthcare paranoids, either.

I'm sure providers will take steps to ascertain legal residence when they have suspicions - same way as a store clerk or bartender will card someone who looks underage.

Is it possible that someone could game the system? Sure. There's a market for fake IDs for a reason. But it's a long step from that to claiming that thesystem would create an entitlement it expressly does not.

As usual...they got nuthin.

Ranger Bob said...

Excuse me Jonathan I am just so lonely I am looking for anybody to talk too.

Woo Hoo

Oh God


et said...

Methinks Ranger is the type who looks over his shoulder as he boards the city bus, worried that whoever's behind him - probably someone illegally in the country - will mug him for his bus pass and steal his identity in the process.

Ranger Bob said...

Now I am posting on old threads for attention...

Oh God!

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