Friday, September 25, 2009

Back From Minnesota

I tell you it's a good thing I am a good sized (I.E. Overweight) man because I lost a pretty good sized chunk of my back side at the Casino the last 2 days. You don't need to be a Math major to know that the casino won the personal battle between me and it.

I wasn't a total loser at the Casino I did win 2 new pillows, 2 ashtrays, every bar of soap and bottle of shampoo in the room, some coffee, a note pad and 1 dollar on a scratch off ticket. The Contessa gave me the stealing speech and I said stealing hell I paid for this and helluva a lot more. I'd a taken a lamp if I could fit it in.

Since you can't black out Fox on the Casino hotel's TV (at least I couldn't figure out how) I watched Glenn Beck's show for the first time. You know what? That shit is damned entertaining! Don't believe me? Next time he is on turn him on the tv. Turn the sound down all the way on your set, play your IPOD and just watch him. I tell you he's great. He was wearing a black sport's jacket, a red tie and Blue Jeans and it all was about 6 sizes too large. I think he stole his clothes from Perry mason.

Sarah Palin's speech on the evils of spending ranks somewhere between OJ Simpson's speech against Domestic Violence and Bill O'Reilly's speech on sanity.

Open Thread

LATE EDIT: Troll Quote from Gregg on Newshounds

Hey liberal idiots! ACORN IS suing her.None of those scum will go to jail - they'll be "fired" and they'll pop up at another ACORN affilliate.You morons whine about FOX but your mainstream media and Congress had to be smacked in the head to even acknowledge what a bottom-feeding criminal organization ACORN is and that your racist,socialist Messiah is their biggest booster. Also Priscilla - where's your photo or are you a hideous, ugly skank who is just jealous of a hot young girl who happens to be conservative. Liberals are mentally deranged - you just don'd get it even when it's right in your face!

Yeah you're right Gregg We don'd get it. You type this illiterate crap and call us idiots.


et said...

Pillows, Count? Really?? The other stuff I understand - I personally, thanks to a globetrotting trade-show-strewn career, have a collection of Do Not Disturb signs that is 2" thick (including my prize, from an overnight cabin on the Viking Line with the message in English, Swedish and Finnish!) - but, you gotta admit. Casino hotel pillows are crap.

Sorry it was an unlucky couple of days. May this weekend's football bring you happier news!

Anonymous said...

Pillows, Count? Really?? The other stuff I understand -

Yes. I always bring 2 of my own pillows with me. They were getting pretty thin so I switched them with the two spares in the room.

These were pretty good.

Anonymous said...

You know how you can tell I am tired when I type? I spell clothes C-L-O-S-E.

et said...

Oh, well, if you traded, that's OK. ET Spouse and I have tiny travel pillows we take on any lengthy journeys ourselves. Very handy. There's something about the first night in a hotel that never sits easy.

Anonymous said...

ET what is your take on cellphones? Just making sure I don't offend when I go off on how much I hate those damned things.

et said...

Oh, gods, Count, I can't stand them! I don't even know my own cell phone number off the top of my head, because I use it so sparsely. The worst are the people who hop on the moment the plane lands to say "Yes, Marge, I've just landed and I'm getting my carry-on and on the way to baggage claim." And the people who are trying to make impossible turns in heavy, awkward traffic while jabbering away, probably about nothing all that important.

Thanks, but no thanks, at the risk of sounding a little Caribou Barbie, but I don't NEED to be that constantly connected. I like my down-time. When I'm driving, in particular, I don't want to be distracted by what's essentially a roving alarm clock under someone else's control.

I also think they encourage some stupid behavior in otherwise ordinary settings. I remember being in the boarding area of a small, regional airport, and a businessman was returning his rental car to the single rental-car-company-desk in the place. He'd left his topcoat in the hotel and phoned the hotel on his cell phone to say so. He then proceeded - with zero regard for his public situation, where I think everyone in the whole terminal could hear - to give the hotel his home address and phone, his name, and a credit card number and expiration date to which they could charge the shipping of his coat. Anybody in that boarding area could have transcribed that stuff and taken him for a helluva ride. It just doesn't give people the same sense of personal space we all used to have.

And don't get me started on the time ET Spouse, in the men's room at Portland International Airport, heard from across the divider next to him someone saying: ", well, I can't do that...I'm kind of multitasking right now..."

Too Much Information. The specific and the more general problem, IMO.

No argument from me if you want to rail on cell phones, Count. Go for it and I'll probably be your loudest cheering section!

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