Sunday, April 12, 2009

What does it say

When even an ultra-conservative blog is embarrassed about some of the nuts that are trying to hold a "Tea Party" rally?

Here are a few of the comments from Little Green Footballs(?)

1. VegasRick 4/10/09 9:20:21 am
Uh oh. It seemed like such a good idea.

2. Occasional Reader 4/10/09 9:20:55 am
Looks like the Tea Party people need to switch to decaf.

3. Mr. In get Mr. Out 4/10/09 9:21:18 am
Damn fools.

5. Ringo the Gringo 4/10/09 9:22:36 am
Wingnuts on the Right, moonbats on the Left....It's hard to know where the middle is, or even if I want to be in the middle of this craziness.

6. Phocid 4/10/09 9:22:40 am
The right is having the same problems as the left, infiltration by loons. The left welcomed the loons with open arms (Code Pink, Michael Moore etc). What will the right do?

7. Erik The Red 4/10/09 9:22:43 am
I thought the idea of the tea parties was a good one. Unfortunately they seem to have been hijacked by the kooky right.

Where are all the sane Conservatives?

20. NYCHardhat 4/10/09 9:25:39 am
This makes conservatives look bad.

36. opnion 4/10/09 9:28:41 am
Glen Beck does a lot more harm than good. His exterme comments, crying and addled behavior is disturbing.

Glenn Beck, are you listening?

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et said...

The whacked-out survivalist rhetoric is definitely accelerating. Not a good thing for anyone.

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