Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Conservative IdiotWho Doesn't Know What Freedom Of Speech Means

From TP

The vile Conservative sub human Jay Severin was suspended from his radio gig for saying amongst other things...

We should be if anything surprised that Mexico has not visited upon us poxes of more various and serious types considering the number of cimminalieans already here. [...]

It's millions of leeches from a primitive country. ... Now they are exporting a rather more active form of disease which is the swine flu.

Anyway this of course has given yet another Conservatove Dipshit who has not clue one what free speech really means the right to bitch.

Proud Says:

It's official free spreech rights only apply if you are bashing, Pres Bush, Gov. Palin or anyone who attended a Tea Party. The vile things written on this very blog aimed at anyone on the right are as insulting as anything this guy said. Liberals are far and away the most hypocritical bunch of idiots on this planet. Now I can sit back and read the idiotic responses, which I am sure will be just as derogatory as anything said by Severin. The left doesn't control what is or is not offensive.

Hey stupid fuck. The people leaving comments on a blog are not employed by a radio station. Is this stupid fuck Damail? Sure sounds like her.

Proud Says:

When did the left become the guardians of free speech? Someone please explain why what Severin said, although offensive is not protected by free speech rights

Ok Asshole. Severin has free speech. He's not in jail is he? Free speech does not guarantee him or anybody else freedom of employment. Why is is this concept so hard for the right wing dildos to grasp?

Oh here is American Patsy...

American Patsy Says:

"some of the world's lowest of primitives in poor Mexico":

So, you progressives think crapping and urinating in the street and in the source of water is not primitive? Is that considered a "progressive movement" now?

So says Lou Dobbs and Fox News. Of Course Lou is married to one of those primitive losers.

Proud Says:

The left had ERR America spewing lefty hate until it failed. My point is that he should not have been suspended, his bosses crumbled under the idiocy of political correctness.

Air America is still in business.

Proud Says:

Who knows what is right or wrong in this situation. The one thing I know for sure is Obama is going to take aways Bidens free speech rights, and if he is smart, he will never allow Biden to speak again.

This is a common tactic by the right. When you are getting your ass handed to you change the subject quick.


Anonymous said...

Hey Count,

I'm pretty sure "American Patsy" is that dumbshit "wantstosuckolbermann". He's also going by "ConservativeForProgress". Earlier sockpuppets were "Archie Bunker" and "Habib". "Proud" sounds more like "vistol", IMO.

Doesn't matter what sockpuppet "wantstosuckolbermann" uses, the idiot gets his ass kicked on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

Do these people have a life? Of course not.

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