Thursday, April 23, 2009

At Least He Admits His Drooling Hobby

But I thought that anger, hatred, and resentment are human weaknesses that only exist in right-wingers? Surely you leftists should keep your higher ground and leave all the wailing and gnashing of teeth to those of us who do not inhabit the higher realm of human capability. This is tantamount to mocking people with Down Syndrome, if your theories about the mental lacking of conservatives are correct.

I guess I am too thick-headed to understand the extreme logic behind the leftists' views on this matter.

I will have to go back to my drooling hobby.

(Of course, on the leftist websites, all comments are moderated. But its the conservatives who are the fascists!)

Come on people... Most reasonable and rational Americans are just sick and tired of politics, politicians, and big government. History has shown us that bigger and more intrusive government has never been successful in truly advancing the human condition anywhere in the world... "We The People" have made our nation the greatest country on earth, not our government. Sadly, the ultra partisan political system here in America has a vested interested in keeping the American people divided and dependent on bigger and bigger government... and all of you ultra partisan bloggers have bought right into it.

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