Friday, April 3, 2009

Glenn Beck Mocks The Handicapped.

I have to admit Ellen has been doing a helluva job lately especially with these Beck threads...

Glenn "I can't keep a dry eye because I love my country so much" Beck showed just what kind of a heart he has in this clip where he mocked President Barack Obama's aunt and, in particular, the fact that she has a limp. As Huffington Post noted, the president's aunt's immigration case could have served as a springboard for a substantive discussion on immigration policy. But for Beck, it was just another excuse to mug for the camera at someone else's expense. Huffington Post has the video.

I don't get this.

Per Wiki...

By his first marriage, Beck has two teenage daughters, Hannah and Mary, who has cerebral palsy.

So somebody who has a daughter with Cerebral Palsy mocks others who are handicapped?

Now you see why those of us with Cerebral Palsy mock Glenn Beck.

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theroachman said...

'By his first marriage'

That is the key. Another Repuke with out family values. If he had any he would still be in his first marrage. Right?

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