Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Damail How Many People Did You Teabag Today?

No, that's what MSNBC is doing. Atttendance at these tea parties are exceeding all expectations, and how doers MSNBC react? By using a disgusting, filthy sexual slur.
Damail | 04.16.09 - 12:21 am | #

How doers?


et said...

What lofty "expectations" were those? Or maybe Damail was listening between the FNC off-air estimate of 5,000 in Sacramento and the subsequent on-air inflation of that times three and assuming it reflected reality?

I saw a handful of marginalized, disgruntled right-wingers, in Palin-withdrawal and eager to be whipped into a frenzy over their own disenfranchisement, exploited by a bunch of corporatists to demonstrate against their own best interests.

And as for the rhetoric, Damail's complaints would ring more genuine if he'd also denounced the incendiary calls for lynching and assassination during those last weeks of the campaign...and those occurring at his preferred candidate's official rallies, no less.

He's of course free to vault aboard his high horse now, but it's really pretty hollow. If you're naive enough to name your so-called movement after "teabagging," then it seems to me you deserve all the double entendre you get, and it reflects rather worse on you than it does on those doing the ridiculing.

What's the next RW schtick going to be? "Mooning"? Yeah - that will go over really well...

theroachman said...

MSNBC were the people responsable for calling those stupid often racist often treasonist parties tea parties?

And Damail does not like it?

Wish she would have spoke up earlier.

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