Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Nonsensical Bullshit From FVG

American values WERE great for America, much superior to the proven failure of liberal "values" that has destroyed our educational system, destroyed personal responsibility, created a get-rich-quick mentality, created an entitlement mentality, and aborted a million innocent children a year in the U.S. alone.

The liberals' only defense against the proven failure of their "value" system is to point out some of the things about America that could have been fixed without having to become afflicted with liberals' inferior, destructive, and failed "values".
It's hilarious when liberals pretend they respect the U.S. Constitution...were you just trying to lighten things up around here?

Liberals hate the Constitution and see it as an impediment to their quest for power over more and more of their fellow citizens' lives


ZIRGAR said...

Yes, the liberal values of emancipation, women's suffrage and the New Deal did nothing but destroy this country, whereas the conservative "values" of slavery, laissez-faire, deregulated capitalism and preservation of the status quo has done nothing but make this land fruitful and great! LMAO. Sorry, I couldn't write that and keep a straight face. Conservatism sucks.

Anonymous said...

The original purpose of this blog is to save comments made by Right-wingers on Newshounds. if you check the archives you will read some amazing shit. I guarantee you.

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