Thursday, April 2, 2009

Open Thread.

Anything goes folks. The lesbian porn king has paid us a visit a few threads down. That's exciting...not. FWIW...Bobby Jendal is a complete douche. But you knew that already didn't you?


et said...

Ralph's been a busy, busy boy today, that's for sure. Frothing at the virtual mouth is hard work! You know - like clearing brush.

Which reminds me. How refreshing to realize we actually have a President who can pronounce "nuclear" correctly! How much better a representative on the world stage.

Tonight I've been finishing up a bead project for a mutual NH friend. Trying to ration my keyboard time a little as carpal tunnel syndrome threatens to reassert itself. It's not as bad as around 2001, when I couldn't even drive and my hands literally felt as though someone was trying to gouge out the insides of the fingers with a grapefruit spoon, but I can feel it lurking in the wings, waiting to bound on stage again with a vengeance.

Any chance we might see you and the Contessa at Connesota, August 6-9 in Minneapolis? We're bringing the party to a recuperating Kim this year, and it occurs to me that might be a little more within shouting distance for you. Details on the OT ***Official*** Thread and on the Wiki.

Cheers and g'night.

theroachman said...

Who wants to bet that Ralphy is the love child of Glenn Beck?

Anonymous said...

ET. I haven't answered the question yet because I didn't have an answer.

We actually did discuss this about a week or two ago and I am not going to able to be there. We already have a couple of things planned in August and September. including a vacation to Virginia that We have had planned for a while. I do thank you for the invite.


From talking about the great people of NHOT to...Mike Vick.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- A lawyer for suspended NFL star Michael Vick told a bankruptcy court Thursday that the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has lined up a $10-an-hour construction job for when he gets out of prison.

Vick, 28, appeared in court for the first time in his bankruptcy case to explain to a judge how he plans to emerge from his financial problems. Before the hearing began, he turned around to wave and smile at family members sitting in the courtroom. He is expected to testify before the proceeding wraps up Friday...


Anonymous said...

Penn State wins NIT 69-63.

jameyburke said...

Mike Vick is a dick, in the pen he pulled his prick. Made some money off some mutts, had it made he's fuckin' nuts.

et said...

Sorry we'll miss you, Count. Another time, for sure.

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