Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Many Teabag Jokes So Little Time

Reread his statement. He said "to discuss the effort ON Fox News". He did not say "discuss the effort BY Fox News". There is a difference. That's like saying "I will be on to discuss the effort on MSNBC." (Har har).

"potentially violent tea party goers..."

Based on what? Markos Moulitsas' inane comments?
There sure is a lot of anger on the Left as exemplified by comments in this thread.

There could be 200+ tea parties around the country this week. If they are well attended (which is a possibility) and if Fox is the only major news outlet that covers them does that make Fox biased? Or does that make the other networks biased?

If these tea parties were being organized by left-leaning people I believe they would be getting significantly more coverage.

As for Fox, their ratings obliterate the competitors. Yes, they are more right-wing than other networks. But does that make them down-the-middle and the others left-of-center? Or do Americans prefer their news with through a right-wing prism? Either way, not good news for the Left.

Just some things to think about... Or to rail against with personal attacks and profanity, aka the MO of the Left.
Dr. Laura is a successful businesswoman who achieved that success without government assistance. She's a champion for traditional values, the values this country has largely abandoned in favor of the type of leftist "values" that have caused increased drug use, increased fatherless predator thugs, lowered aademic performance, eliminated personal responsibility, and led to most of the mortgage failures that caused the economic crisis.

No wonder liberals have such rage and hatred for Dr. Laura.
Liberals know that their "values" are what's behind the demise of the American family and all the damage that has resulted. Liberal "values" are what causes teenagers to have babies they can't support. Liberal "values" are why we have multi-generational welfare clients--grandma, mom, and kids all living in the projects and living off the work of others. Liberal "values" are the reason our schools have failed and continue to get worse--remember that liberals and their teachers unions run the schools. Liberal "values" are behind the decay and failure of most big cities--they run most of them, after all.

That's why liberals can only engage in nothing but ad hominem attacks against the folks, like Dr. Laura, who remind them of the fact that liberal "values" are the reason America has fallen behind in so many ways. When America had American values instead of liberal "values" we were in much better shape overall.


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