Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suicide Bob: It's The Tea Bag Loving O'Reilly And His Sycophants Who Love America.

Your comments on the Statue of Liberty holding a whip are outrageous. Bill O'Reilly is correct. It is too bad that the Obama administration flip flopped on the issue of prosecution of those who ordered the so-called torture (water-boarding) and published important CIA information so the terrorists are now perepared how to defend themselves during interrogation. Waterboarding is and was NOT torture. It leaves no marks and no injuries. Obamas own cabinet member (Blair) admitted that after water-boarding some of the terrorists spoke out and stated very important information that foiled planned future attacks.

It's too bad that Bill O'Reilly and a small group of people love the US, not like you socialists who think this is a joke. Obama's administration is going to get US into trouble, and the NY Times as a failing newspaper in the tank for Obama will do anything to increase their readership, including anti-American cartoon publication. I weep for my grandchildren.

After reading you indoctinated, misinformed post, I weep for your grandchildren too Bob.


Anonymous said...

When you stick your fist up your ass and then put it up to your nose to smell it your fist smells like shit. feels kinda good though.

Another lesson from your friend the Ranger to you Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Anyway Ranger I suggest you stop now. Because I will make you my bitch.

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