Thursday, April 23, 2009

On This Day, April 23

* 1661 – King Charles II of England is crowned in Westminster Abbey.

* 1935 – The Polish Constitution of 1935 is adopted.

* 1967 - Students at Colombia University raid an admissions building, shutting down the school in protest of the Vietnam War.

* 1985 - Coco-Cola releases "New Coke".....then changes the brand back to the regular formula because of the public backlash three months later.

* 1988 - Dark Side of the Moon, which spent a consecutive of 741 weeks on the Billboard 200, bows out

Bust most importantly, on this day, Jonathan Purcell Holmes, was born on this day.

And as it turns out, I have a star-studded line up of celebrities who share the same birthday as I: William Shakespeare, Michael Moore (Oh, yeah!), Kal Penn, Dev Patel, Andruw Jones (outfielder for the Texas Rangers), George Lopez, Shirley Temple

I am awesome.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

et said...

Enjoy your day, J-man.

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