Friday, April 10, 2009

Crises Schmises!

Per Think progress

CALLER: I can really debate about how about that economic crises is because I look around and I don’t see people spending any less money than they have been.

STEELE: I’ve heard a number of people say that across the country. [LAUGHTER] The malls are just as packed on Saturday. [LAUGHTER]

CALLER: The malls are just as packed. … You still can’t get seat in a restaurant.


Meanwhile here in the real world the last time the Contessa and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart we couldn't believe how empty the place was. As for not being able to get a seat at the restaurants...Maybe where he is eating...

1 comment:

ZIRGAR said...

The malls are not as packed as Steele's own ass as his head is quite engorged in it.

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