Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mark Noonan is full of shit

Just stating the bleedin' obvious.

President Obama, presumptively, will also not want to spark off the second American Civil War but at the end of this road is just that.

So let me get this straight: you're willing to begins a second American Civil War because you want to be able to torture enemy combatants and get off scott free for it?

...such a theory leaves out the plain fact that leftists hate, with a white-hot passion, anyone who doesn’t toe the leftwing line.

You really don't know what the term, 'irony' is, do ya, Mark?

Whatever else may be assisting the motivation to prosecute Bush Administration figures, the primary impulse comes from hatred and a desire for revenge.

Since when did upholding our values and the belief that those who commit crimes (even the Commander-in-Chief) are to be held accountable as a reminder that no man is above the Rule of Law?

If there's anything I've taken from Noonan, its the fact that he shares a similar mindset of a religious extremist: he is firmly rooted in the belief that his side is engaged in a war between the forces of liberalism and the forces of conservatism (or from his point-of-view, the forces of good vs. evil), but the sad thruth is that Noonan's only enemies are reality and the voices he hears inside his head.

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Anonymous said...

Could these people hate America anymore? I bet they are a real happy bunch of American Hating bastards today. What with Spector telling them to fuck off an all.

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