Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who's To Blame? Never Mind, Jeremiah Blames Everyone!

After a prolonged dry spell, our friend Jeremiah is back, with, as one might expect, a true “jeremiad” (if you don’t know the word, Wikipedia it, now, for it truly fits), this time singling out those scary brown people from Mexico and blaming, of course, the twin demons of abortion and sex education. It’s another classic which we’ll deconstruct for your dining and dancing pleasure, below:

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Cultural Trouble

WASHINGTON – White flight? In a reversal, America's suburbs are now more likely to be home to minorities, the poor and a rapidly growing older population as many younger, educated whites move to cities for jobs and shorter commutes.

I've noticed this for quite sometime, as I live outside a small city/town. Most of the kids that I grew up with while going to school (all my classmates) seemed to have disappeared, moved to other states to further their education and find jobs.
Oh, dearie me. Families are more mobile now than they were in an agrarian economy, moving sometimes frequently for school, work, and other motivations? Earth to Jer – this has been a trend for decades, now. Get with the program. 

Until recently (the last few years), I was unaware of the growing immigrant population, and great deal of them are illegal immigrants from out of Mexico.
Really? Because it seems to have been a big issue for your fellow right-wing travelers for quite a while. Or did you think they were talking about landscaping and charming historical re-enactments when it came to “border fences” and “minutemen”?

The demographic changes are due in part by a combination of things that must be factored in - 1. Abortion 2. Sex education 3. No immigration laws

Those three, to me, are the three main things contributing to this decline in the decline of the American population, and the rise of other nationalities in our country.
Oh, boy. Here we go. I can’t wait to see how he tries to defend this steaming pile of…well, you get the idea. DO go on, Jeremiah…

(Also...how do you "decline" a decline?)
Many would say, especially liberals, that America is a country of people that are all immigrants, or of immigrant background. 

That is true.
Good thing that “many would say” it, then, since apart from Native American tribes, it’s demonstrably TRUE.

However, in today's case, the cultural backgrounds of those immigrating here are totally alienated from those who moved here 223 years ago.
Whaaa? You mean non-European by that, I assume? Hmm. Kind of begs the question of why you’re kvetching only just NOW – I mean, why weren’t you on the warpath against immigrants of Asian descent? Too fond of your pot stickers and satay to gripe about that? Or just too busy struggling to hold your own against their kids in Math class?

The ethics of immigrants here today have Islamist backgrounds (which has established a movement here on our soil, American soil) Islam of course, which is known for its actions of terrorism, and the ethics of those who predominate the majority of immigrants to the U.S. Mexicans (which are comprised of mostly Spanish descent) and other immigrants - these immigrants, are responsible in large part to the drug problems that we have in America.
OK, now we’re really in the toxic labyrinth that Jeremiah quaintly calls “logic.” From what I can tell, he seems to be trying to connect the dots in such a way as to claim that Mexicans are devotees of Islam, or at least fellow-travelers with extreme Islamic values. That’s manifestly nuts. You try to throw a quinceañera party for your teen daughter in Islamabad – there’ll be stonings for all in the offing! Go to California sometime and tour the string of missions up the coastline, Jer. Mexico was and IS primarily Roman Catholic. Last I heard, that’s still a flavor of the Christianity you purport to represent.

Mexicans are of Spanish descent. Yes, once upon a time. Why is that important for you to point out? Or are you forgetting that Spain actually is, you know, part of EUROPE? You know, those people who struck out for America (Ferdinand and Isabella, remember them? Columbus’ bankrollers?) a couple centuries ago, but whose backgrounds you claim their descendants don’t share. Sheesh.

I’ll skip over the ungrammatical “responsible to” construction as unworthy of my time. Yes, there’s a problem with drug running on the border. But unless you think immigrants in the U.S. illegally are the sole buyers for that particular commodity, that’s a very weak cause-and-effect line to draw. I’m sure you’ll clear all that up in the next paragraph, though.

 (Though, in fact, you won't.)
Another problem contributing to the decline of American society is the philosophy of Political Correctness - A leftist/Marxist/progressive (all in the same group) philosophy which seeks to make acceptance of lifestyles, and ethical behaviors which do not comply with the rule of law, and in many ways is used to influence Supreme Court decisions regarding the legality of such ethics as those held and committed by Islamists. Though it is also aimed at protecting sexual behaviors that go against the grain of traditional family, and which is used to feminize males of the human race. Create dolts, in essence...so that they do not know how to manage family life...and much of that can be accredited to the distribution of pornography, which has adverse affects not only on the pathologies of men, but on women who indulge in it, as well. Pornography is a visual representation of sexuality which distorts an individual’s concept of the nature of conjugal relations. This, in turn, alters both sexual attitudes and behavior. It is a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness. In undermining marriage it is one of the factors in undermining social stability.
It’s just dizzying, isn’t it? A minute ago it was all about the druggie Mexican jihadists, and now it’s the terrifying liberals and their live-and-let-live philosophy that is somehow insisting on dismantling marriage and turning Jeremiah into a sissy, and if he won’t then Ruth Bader Ginsburg will come to his house and MAKE him by showing him pornography.

Don’t sweat it too much, though, Jer. You’re ALREADY a dolt. Not much more we ominous liberals can do to help you down that path. You’ve long since crossed that finish line.

If I may just say, though? Some actual FACTS would be nice to see from you somewhere in this diatribe. FWIW.

Factor in this, while at the same time children in every public government-run school all across the nation (millions of children) are encouraged to engage in sexual intercourse before marriage, and worse, it is labeled as "abstinence" education. They don't teach abstinence, so no wonder STDs are skyrocketing out of control. If they actually taught abstinence, the ACLU would have a fit, because their main goal, like most leftist atheist organizations is to destroy the family and our nation. Communism is their goal - tear down the family unit, create a welfare state and viola! you have social disunity and dependence on a very large and powerful government, power that they, the people themselves have given to the government, and now they have power to do as they please with the citizenry, just as the people of Germany bestowed upon themselves when they elected Hitler...little did they know that they would be escorted to a gas chamber...because they did not have the basic foresight to cut through the propaganda that they were being fed before Hitler was elected.
Whoa, Nellie! Now it’s not porn to blame, it’s the audacity of sex education! Those high school “health” teachers are out to shred the Constitution and make impressionable teens rely on government at a national level while indulging their raging hormones! They want to throw a gigantic co-ed slumber party in the gym while relocating your family unit to a rural co-op somewhere to act as slave labor for the Fed. Oh, and – HITLER!

Really, Jer? Hitler? You think that’s remotely valid, comparing teens getting basic health information in school (they’ve already Googled it by the time they hear anything official: trust me) with the Holocaust in Nazi Germany? That’s a new and very low stretch, even for you.

Also, where does the orchestra come into this? I mean…viola? What do you have against the cello or the double bass? Or, for that matter, the oboe? Are you on a vendetta against woodwinds, now?

Nations always turn out that way when the State, or the government controls the education of their youth, and not the parents.
I’d be fascinated to know whether or not Jeremiah himself went to public school. And I am, yet again, thankful that he appears to be childless.

Most dictators have this idea of "perfection," or a "perfect" society where everyone thinks and acts like they do. These dictators, all dictators are atheists, and this "perfection" they seek is what we call T-Y-R-R-A-N-Y.
Well, duh: of course dictators are tyrants. But I think anyone would be hard-pressed to say that all dictators are atheists. The historical record is full of examples to the contrary. More wars of conquest have probably been fought for religious reasons than for any other single motivation.

I could also argue that Jeremiah is the one who actually wants everyone to “think and act” as he does. But, as that’s too cheap and easy a shot for me, I’ll let him go on instead.

That is what we are headed to at the present moment if we do not do something to change the educational needs of our youth in our public schools.
Change the needs? The need is what it has always been: high-quality instruction in the basic subject matter and the development of creativity and critical thinking. So what could….oh, I see. Jeremiah wants it to be 24/7 Bible study. Next!

In the article it mentions delay of family and births - Okay, this would be due primarily to the other things that I've mentioned. We have a society that is not so much delaying family units, but that do not want to take responsibility for starting a family. If they would take the initiative to take responsibility for beginning a family, then we would have a demographic ratio that is in favor of America. However, that is not the case, because they murder the results of starting a family instead of taking responsibility for them. It's very sad to see our society murdering their own unborn, and liberals have created such a society in which it is hard to raise a family due to their creation of a welfare state. It takes a substantial income to raise a family, but the family is where society starts, and liberals have destroyed that as well through abortion and sex education.
Excuse me…couples (by which he means white Americans) are having fewer children, later, because of “the other things he’s mentioned”…like Mexican Islamists running drugs and stalker-teachers luring their students with porn? And if only those white American couples bred like rabbits from an earlier age, in blissful ignorance of all that abstinence education they never had, they’d have the edge on those pesky brown folks and could keep running the show?

You can’t have it both ways, Jer. On the one hand, you’re up in arms because teens are sexually active. On the other, you’re blaming abortion as a reason (or vehicle?) for couples having kids later in life. Those two are at complete odds with one another, like magnets with opposing polarization.

By the way, couples who have children later in life are generally better, more relaxed parents and make a more meaningful contribution to society.

Every family is different. You want to enforce some kind of cookie-cutter, Stepford-wife mentality that matches up with your own prejudices and viewpoints, turning every family – well, every white family, at any rate – into some kind of mindless, homeschooling baby factory that feeds your need to feel in control and superior and safe, by the numbers if nothing else.

What are you so afraid of? I wish I could control your movements for 24 hours. The first thing I would do is put you on a long cab ride with one of our local, primarily Sikh, cabbies. A talkative one, too. Between the turban and the lingering aroma of curry I bet you’d crap your pants.

Atheists had it all patented on how to destroy America, and they have succeeded.
Again, facts would be nice right about now, Jer. But you don’t do facts, do you?

We failed, because we did not stop them. Now am I taking a self-defeating attitude you might ask? Well, no, I'm just stating the facts.
Oh, America’s been destroyed? Who knew?

 Damn, why did I file that tax return?
Like we defeated slavery in the 1800s, we must now defeat the atheist liberals in the exact same way.

If there are enough people with the mindset to change the vote in favor of America this coming fall, we won't have to defeat them like we did slavery.
So, your white-power, fear-the-brown-people-from-another-culture crowd defeated slavery? Might want to re-think your rhetoric, there, buddy. It doesn’t scan too well.

However, I don't think that will be the case, due because we have a younger and middle aged demographic that outnumbers the older, wiser voters...they outnumber the older, wiser voters, and plus they have all be educated in our atheistic public school system.
Well…thankfully, they’re more coherent than the above “sentence.”

Raising an army?

Well, we can, but we have to get the folks with the initiative, first. If we can't, then the country will continue on down the same route it is headed until we become the dictatorship that is only a step away.
Ooh! Look here, everyone! Jeremiah’s starting himself a militia! Grab your slingshot! Get Sarah Palin’s helicopter on the phone, stat!

So, the problem is much bigger than what meets the eye, as so many generations of indoctrination have gone by, and millions have sit under the sound of Atheism and Marxism/Communism which is based on Atheism.

The best thing to do is to pray.
Aw, Jeremiah. You sound so sad…I almost (emphasis on the almost) feel sorry for you.

Seriously, man. Stop being so batshit scared of anyone and anything that is different from you. I don’t believe in your God. But I feel pretty safe in saying he would not want you or anyone to be so relentlessly paranoid of such big swaths of your fellow humanity.

It would do you a world of good if you spent half as much time contemplating how you could be of help, as you do on who and what to blame for all your perceived universal ills. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

I know it is hard to beat that rambling tripe, but I think we have a winner!

(The sht stain is trying to defend his stupid claim that JP and Auntie Em are ONE and the same person)


Mark Koldys [Moderator] 05/09/2010 09:30 PM in reply to Chris
You may be right, but I'm skeptical by nature. Is there a link to her photo?


No Marky, no, no, no.

You are a DUMBSHIT by nature.

You can thank your mom and grampa/dad for that one.


Count Istvan said...

There are people in the world to whom Jerry makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

I also think it's funny that he can't spell "tyranny."

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