Friday, May 14, 2010

Ignorant Crazy Bitch "Obama Will Take Your Guns"

Sarah Palin is still a lying whore

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Sarah Palin told NRA members meeting here that the only reason President Obama and his allies aren't trying to limit gun ownership rights is the fear of a political backlash.

"Don't doubt for a minute that, if they thought they could get away with it, they would ban guns and ban ammunition and gut the Second Amendment," Palin told the annual NRA gathering Friday. She urged some 9,000 NRA members to "stop them in their tracks."

The NRA's "Celebration of American Values" event was part political rally, part Tea Party gathering, with a parade of mostly Republican warm-up acts before Palin, the day's star, spoke. An NRA member, she electrified the crowd with a speech that defended Alaska, the Second Amendment and America, and attacked President Obama, the "lamestream media," and gun control activists -- "anti-Second Amendment rights activists," she called them.

While some might dismiss her as an "NRA gun-nut chick," she said, those folks don't get it. "Criminals are, of course, to blame for the crimes," she said. "It's the bad guys, not the piece of metal." All gun bans do is "take them away from law-abiding citizens."Palin said Second Amendment rights – which "protect the weak from the strong" -- are "so important especially" for women and minorities.

This bitch is mental.


Jonathan said...

I don't like using that term to describe a woman, but Palin's earned that title.

et said...

In Keith's very apt words..."That woman is an idiot."

Anonymous said...

All the NRA wingnutz heard


Mr. Mark Bovine Koldys

Visitor55 said...

You ere 100% correct, Jonathan.

Let's look at some facts here.

Every democratic president and presidential candidate from Kennedy to Obama has been accused of wanting to "take your guns away". And in the past 40+ years, no one's guns have been taken away. And it isn't because the NRA or other "gun rights" ogranizations have been successful at stopping it. It's because NO president has ever said they were going to "take your guns away".

palin IS ignorant, a bitch, and a whore. She's spreading lies and hate.

But palin isn't what bothers me. Yeah, she's ignorant, but she knows exactly what she's doing and she knows the ignorance of her followers. She knows that her followers are stupid and will swallow every nugget of bullshit she shoots out of her fat ass. palin's mindless, willfully ignorant followers bother me.

p.s. I hope you're feeling better. Good luck with finals!

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