Friday, May 14, 2010

Jeremiah Talks Kagan

Again, Jeremiah takes on a topic too big for his mental capacity, and embarrasses himself for all to see. Film at 11 follows.

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Obama Picks Another Extreme Left-Wing Democrat For the Supreme Court

To be firm, Ms. Elena Kagan is unfit for the title of Supreme Court Justice of the United States. She has very little if any experience in law, and no judicial experience.
Is that right? How do you get to be the Dean of Harvard Law, and then Solicitor General of these United States, with “little if any experience in law,” then, Jer? SuperLotto?
Worst of all, she has sought to destroy the foundation of our society, that being marriage, the institution that holds our nation together, literally. Without marriage (the bond between One man and One woman) we have no unity.
But, wait, Jer. Kagan has stated that she does not believe the Constitution grants a specific right to same-sex marriage under the equal protection clause. How does that square with your assertion that she wants to shred traditional marriage as an institution? Seems to me you’re grasping at straws.

Ms. Kagan also fought the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy that our military has to disallow homosexuals from serving openly in the military.
Not exactly, Jer. She disallowed military recruiting on campus because of the school’s anti-discrimination policy, which she found the DADT policy in violation of; and, when a final ruling on the issue was handed down, she reversed her decision and reinstated the recruiters’ position. Don’t you want justices who will hew to the rule of law?
And to be honest, I don't like the law either, but not for the same reasons that she does...she wishes for homosexuals to serve openly in our military, which would do more harm than can be said on these pages, worst of all, it would feminize our military and cast a blot upon the institution - an institution that has been one of honor and nobility, men of character who stand for what is right, and not what is wrong/perverse.
OK, first of all, the military already includes women, like it or not, so your characterization of it as an all-male institution of mainline manly-manliness is plain wrong. Second…you have NO idea whether or not Kagan would endorse DADT as a policy or not, nor whether she would support openly gay military service (though I hope she would). The only facts at your disposal are her enforcement of Harvard’s campus regulations regarding discriminatory organizations recruiting on campus. For anything more, you, like the rest of us, will have to await confirmation hearings in the Senate.

Just as expected, Obama will destroy the institution of marriage and our military. He is destroying our country from within!
There’s a spectacular leap, pal. One moment we’re talking about a Supreme Court nominee, and the next Obama is mandating wholesale divorces of couples of whom he doesn’t approve, and is dismantling the military with blistering speed. How'd you get from there to here?

You don’t actually read anything or absorb any genuine news reporting, do you, Jeremiah? You just shove everything you hear from the voices in your head into your own faux-pious filter, like so much sausage meat into the grinder, and then you serve up whatever comes out like a banquet of righteousness.

Talk about your junk food.


Anonymous said...

Jerry likes commenting about things he doesn't know anything about doesn't he?

Jonathan said...

"she wishes for homosexuals to serve openly in our would feminize our military and cast a blot upon the institution - an institution that has been one of honor and nobility..."

The gentlemen doth protest too much, methinks. Homophobes who condemn gays and lesbians, no doubt, end up ordering a gay male hooker for the night in a sleazy hotel.

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