Monday, May 10, 2010

Song of the Night - Courtsey of Kerri

My thanks to News Hounds O/T resident Kerri Greene (a.k.a. Keg) for turning me on to these two artists.

The first artist, I have have been harboring an obsession ever since they released their groundbreaking seventh album three years ago. They're the most unique band in the world who specialize in taking the listner on a whirlwhind journey of sound and atmosphere. They are the Oxfort quintet Radiohead, and the song is one of my favorites off of In Rainbows, "House of Cards".

This next artist, Ani DiFranco, I discovered on my 20th birthday while chatting it up with Kerri. She sounds like Norah Jones, but with a much deeper edge to her voice and her style of songwriting. The song is called "Hypnotized".

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